The charm of Encanto

Hope Martin, Design and Layout Editor

Encanto is a great movie for families. It was released on November 24, 2021. It can be watched on Disney+. Encanto is rated PG for some thematic elements and mild peril. Some of the genres that the movie fits into are Family, Fantasy, Animation, and Musical. The movie is 1 hour and 49 minutes long.

Encanto is a magical tale about a family called the Madrigals. When a loved one is lost in a battle, a miracle is created in the form of a candle. This miracle protects the people of the village. The village lives in peace and harmony and praises the Madrigal family for saving them. When the descendants become of age, they receive a magical power. 

Camilo, the second youngest in the family, can shapeshift. Dolores, the cousin, has the gift and curse of hearing everything. Pepa, the aunt, controls the weather. She can create things from sunny skies to hurricanes. Abuela Alma, while she doesn’t have any powers of her own, is the keeper of the candle.  Luisa is super strong and  does her best to help out in the village and never gets physically drained; however, she does get mentally drained.  Isabela, the eldest sister, creates limitless plants. Antonio, the youngest in the family, has the power to speak with animals. Bruno, the ex-communicated uncle, has the ability to see glimpses of a possible future. Julieta, Maribel’s mother, heals anyone with her cooking. 

However, one of the descendants, Maribel, appears to not receive a special gift. However, that all changes at the end of the story. Her Abuela tells her that the best thing she can do for the family is to stay out of the way, so that she does not bring shame on the family. 

By being shunned by her family, Maribel feels the need to prove her worth to the family. When she is in the magical house, Maribel begins to see cracks starting to destroy the house. When the candle flickers, Maribel feels as though she has found a way to prove herself to her family by saving the house. However, when she brings the family back, it appears as though the cracks were never there. Her Abuela is enraged for her crashing the party the family was throwing. 

Maribel begins to question her sanity and visits her ex-communicated uncle, Bruno’s tower. After much difficulty, she reaches the top of the tower and discovers something that could be disastrous or amazing for their family… and it all depends on Maribel. 

As an overall rating of the movie, I would give it a 9.5/10. The story was very entertaining and the songs were actually very good, which I had not been expecting. The overall feel of the story is very homely and magical. I definitely recommend this movie to any ange group, but more specifically to younger kids.