A book you’ll be dying to read


Jenna Willey

Final Girls by Riley Sager

J. Willey, Staff Reporter

***TRIGGER WARNING: Contains mentionings of violence.***

Final Girls is a book about three women: Samantha Boyd, Quincy Carpenter, and Lisa Milner, who end up missing, or even dead. The series of deaths leaves only one girl, Quincy Carpenter, or so she thought. The first to go missing would be Samantha, but unlike Sam, Lisa was found dead.

Starting off with Sam Boyd, who fought off her murderer who they called “the paper bag killer,” due to the bag he wore on his head. Sam had to kill him to save herself. Later on Sam went missing, but later ends up appearing in front of Quincy. Little do readers know that things aren’t what they seem.

Secondly, Quincy Carpenter was a victim of Pine Cottage Murders that occured. Quincy was the only person left alive, all her friends that were with her had died that night. After Pine cottage, she lived her life with her husband Jeff for a little while. Until she realized she caught feelings for the cop who saved her. His name is Coop, He always had to keep her close. He always wanted her to be safe, and she was. Little did we know what he was really keeping her away from: The truth.

Lastly, Lisa Milner survived a massacre at a fraternity house, where she was the only one left alive. She lived a life in the public for a bit after this incident and slowly, the news moved on to the next thing. She thought that she could just live her life normally, until incidents occurred with Quincy and Sam. When she got too close to the truth, it would be the end of her life. 

This book is full of a bunch of twists and turns, and the ending will have you on the edge of your seat. I couldn’t wait to see what happened next, so I gave this book a solid 9.5/10 (not a perfect score since a bit of the book  is a little confusing). When the story continues, it is a lot easier to understand the plot and point of the book. It is very well-written, I would say the age group for this book would be like 14 and up. Overall an amazing book, for anyone who likes a book that will keep you wanting more and for anyone who likes to get sucked into a mystery.