A creative and caring leader

Senior Rebekah Anthony fills big shoes with the many leadership roles she has at BAHS, being involved in various clubs and activities, but perhaps her biggest role is within the Drama Club. 

Rebekah first joined theater in seventh grade and now has involved herself into a handful of things in the Drama Club. Since seventh grade, she has found every performance to be a wonderful experience. 

“The theater has a special place in my heart as an environment of growth and togetherness,” Rebekah said.

She is the spring stage manager for this year’s production, Bye Bye Birdie. While she manages productions she is also the treasure. These positions allow her to gain a new sense of responsibility and awareness of the productions they create. 

First joining Choir in fifth grade, she’s now been in it for over five years. Over the years she has now managed to become the president of Choir, and the section leader of the Sopranos.  Rebekah is proud of and grateful for her soprano section because of their acceptance of her and their willingness to participate. 

“This leadership role gives me a sense of pride in the hard work I’ve put into each rehearsal and I am very glad to be participating into my senior year,” she said. 

Rebekah would like to thank Mr. Brinser for “always being so bright and loving towards his class and extracurriculars.”  

Being able to express herself and grow as an individual is very important to Rebekah, so when she has free time she crafts, creates, and finds ways to do so. She has also taken on new hobbies of baking and designing. Along with these creative endeavors inside school, Rebekah loves to express her self outside of school as well.

“I have a tendency to take classes relating to the arts such as Art 1 and 2,” she said.

Most of her the classes she’s in are honors classes, but most of all, she enjoys Government with Mr. Fitzgerald.

“ Rebekah is an excellent student since she has a natural curiosity and intellectual desire to learn. No teacher can teach these traits,” government teacher Mr. Edward Fitzgerald said. 

Rebekah looks forward to his class every day. 

“He makes the class worth taking with his humorous stories and his overall character. No matter what, you will learn something from him,” Rebekah said.   

Since this will be her last year at BAHS, she decided she wanted to go to Edinboro University. She was accepted and is going for the study of Studio Art, she also plans on gaining her Art Therapy degree with a masters in Social Work.   

After college her goal is to become a child therapist and communicate healing and self-worth to her patients, as well as working with foster care services as an adult.