Derogatory remarks in local schools

Olivia Aberegg, Staff Reporter

For years, students have faced discrimination in schools and have been victims of derogatory remarks regarding race, gender, ethnicity, and more. Many of these situations have not changed over the years and many students are still victims of these issues today. 

On Tuesday, February 1, State College Area High School experienced an incident between two teenage boys resulting from racial remarks made by one of these individuals. 

The Centre Daily Times stated that, “State College police are investigating an assault […] which school administrators believe is connected to a photo with racist language and hate symbols that was being shared.” 

State High Principal Laura Tobias assured parents that the school does not tolerate violence and necessary actions will be taken. The police were notified of the situation and actions are being taken to resolve the issue.

“Please know that we do not tolerate violence in our school and will take appropriate steps regarding this matter,”  Principal Tobias said in the article.

Another article by the Centre Daily Times posted just five days later discusses that a GoFundMe page was set up for the Black student who was charged with the assault. The purpose of the GoFundMe is to raise money to help pay for the legal fees that the student is facing. Members of the community who have supported this page have expressed their disapproval  of the way that the district is taking action on this issue and is encouraging people to support him by giving money. These members of the community believe that he was protecting himself against racial injustice as a result of the racist language and hate symbols that were circulating around the school. 

In the article, Larraine Taylor, the president of the State College chapter of the NAACP, describes the significance of the legal case.

“The impact of SCASD’s action against this 16-year-old Black youth will be disastrous for this young man,” Taylor said.

Although State High’s assault was brought to the news, it is not the only situation where derogatory remarks were made in schools. Schools in today’s society continue to face these remarks on a daily basis. 

This is not the first time a situation has arisen regarding derogatory remarks that have been made, and it will not be the last. It is up to students, parents, administrators, and the rest of society to put a stop to the discrimination and hate towards these individuals. It is important to put an end to these situations and bring light to these issues in our society.