Food Review: Bellefonte’s hidden gem

Alex Ebeling, Student Engagement Coordinator

While the town of Bellefonte offers many restaurants that people can see while strolling around, one specific restaurant can’t be seen unless you know it is there. 

This restaurant is Jim’s Italian Cuisine, located on 204 East Cherry Lane. The reason this restaurant is hidden is because of the hill it is located on. Due to the buildings surrounding it and the non-traffic flowing lane, it is nearly impossible to find.

Once you find this restaurant, the food is extremely tasty. I just recently visited this restaurant and I ordered a large turkey hoagie. This specific meal was around $14. This consisted of an 18 inch flavorful hoagie. For this price, the amount of food was satisfying for me. The taste was excellent and this was one of my favorite foods that I have had from any restaurant. I would recommend this to any person who has not yet tried it. I would rate this specific meal a 9.8 out of 10. 

Junior Davis Corman accompanied me to the restaurant and ordered a chicken parmesan meal. His meal was “really delicious” and he would order it again. Davis gave this meal a rating of 8 out of 10.

Junior Nate Capperelle accompanied me to the restaurant as well. He ordered their rigatoni for around $12. The meal was “really filling” and he even had to get a box to take the rest home. Nate said he would also give his meal an 8 out of 10.

One great thing about this restaurant is that they are affordable and fast. A group of three went in and out in around an hour or so. The service is terrific, as well as fast. The pricing overall is cheap and it can be hard to find a great filling meal for this price.

Another great thing about Jim’s is the ability to have takeout as well. This can also allow you to have a meal at home if you prefer. Everytime I have been into Jim’s I have been satisfied with my meal and have never had a complaint about anything.

Out of these times I have gone to Jim’s the crowd and environment is always relaxing and comfortable. As a teenager this restaurant is one of my top choices to go to. Cheap, quick, fulfilling, and tasty. All of these are available at Jim’s Italian Cuisine. 

Overall Jim’s is a great place for any meal, family dinners, a few friends getting together, or even a date. The atmosphere is very welcoming all around.

The restaurant is currently for sale and has been for the last few months. The restaurant is a historic piece of Bellefonte and has been here since 1952. Hopefully the possible ownership change will not affect the taste of the food.