BAHS senior is born leader

Dominic Capperella, Sports & Entertainment Director

Everyone knows him as the president of the Senior Class, however, Domenic Nelson is also a student beyond comparison. He is creative, helpful, and active within many aspects of the school. Along with being a model student, he is an irreplaceable friend to all inside and outside of the school atmosphere. 

Within school, Domenic is involved in numerous activities such as Class Cabinet, Student Council, Safety Committee, National Honors Society (NHS), Concert Band, and Jazz Band. Out of all these, Domenic has a couple of favorites.

“Shredding on my alto saxophone in Jazz Band holds a close place to my heart, but class presidency also is something else I thoroughly enjoy (we are at a crossroads).”

Domenic is also the Class of 2022’s president, and this position allows him to be very involved with planning senior events. 

“‘Proud to be Class President’ is too broad of a category to walk down – let’s narrow it: I am immensely grateful and overly astounded to be Class President. Those words represent the formidable honor it has been to serve this class, and I will always say that – making those class speeches is a passion of mine.”

Amidst Domenic’s intensive school courses he participates in classes such as AP Calculus BC and AP Chemistry. These two courses are two of the most demanding AP courses that can be taken here at the high school. However, to Domenic, these classes cannot compare to what he believes is the most difficult  class: Lunch.

“It is difficult for me to get out of lunch – I look at the food options for elongated periods of time,” Domenic said. 

Even amidst his challenging schedule, Domenic still takes the time to positively impact both students and teachers alike.

“Domenic is an incredible asset to any classroom. He fully engages himself and his peers in class discussion.  He asks poignant, thoughtful questions and has a great sense of humor, especially about himself. His presence and desire to make the lives of those around him better doesn’t go unnoticed,” government teacher Mrs. Allyson Durney said.

As well as being heavily involved in school life, Domenic Nelson is a very loyal friend to all who come to him.

“The Mr. President has impacted my life because he has always been there for me. Domenic always helped others and has always made the people around him happy,” senior Ashton Kozel said.

Outside of the classroom, Domenic is highly dedicated to his job as a crew member at Dunkin’ Donuts. He is so dedicated to this job that after high school he plans to continue working at Dunkin’ to gain more experience in the work field. While continuing at Dunkin’, Domenic also plans to attend Penn State University to further his education majoring in Aerospace Engineering.

“I would love to have a Domenic Nelson every year, but I know I wouldn’t be that lucky,” Mrs. Durney said.