The voice for the LGBTQ+ community


J. Willey, Staff Reporter

Everyone in the school has heard of Davis Folnsbee, either when you see him arguing with a classmate about different views or just being a supportive friend. He has been a large part of Bellefonte through being an active member in GSA and speaking at multiple board meetings.

Davis has accomplished so much in his four years at the high school. He has been there for many people, stood by many others, and helped them in situations that were very serious to them. Davis has been a huge part of Bellefonte and will be missed by many friends and the study body alike.

If Davis had to name one of his best experiences from his senior year, he would say winning third place in the Academic Decathlon speech.

My best experience from this year is very hard to narrow down. I feel like I’ve done a lot more this year than all of the other three combined. I would say that my favorite part of this year was definitely winning third place in the state for my speech in Academic Decathlon. The speech was an adaptation of the one that I gave to the school board in November [11/3/21] and it was really amazing hearing that a speech I wrote in a few minutes earned me bronze at a state competition,” he said.

He believes the best part of being at Bellefonte is that it is a smaller school.

“I believe it creates a better educational environment where every student can get the attention that they need and deserve. I never felt left behind and I never felt like I was unable to reach out for help if I needed it. Bellefonte is a very community-based town and I believe that it is by far the best perk,” he said.

Davis will miss the teachers  the most after he leaves the high school.

“The teachers are supportive and kind and they don’t just seem like they’re here to do a job and then go home.”

Davis has learned a lot from high school, but the main thing he will remember is that you need to stand up for yourself, and others in difficult situations.

“I spent too long watching my peers get abused and harassed but I was always too nervous to say anything. This past year, I really worked on my confidence and confrontation skills and it’s paid off. Whenever I hear somebody call me a slur in the halls, I face them. I used to ignore it and stick to myself, but that isn’t going to solve anything. This school has given me thick skin and I am grateful for it,” he said. 

Davis would like to let the many upcoming seniors know what is most important: self respect.

“You will never be able to get what you want in life if you cannot respect the fact that you deserve it. Respect the fact that you know who you are and respect the fact that you are deserving of love and care. I spent far too long assuming that I deserved to be abused by my classmates. I thought that I deserved friends who dragged me down. I learned the hard way that self-respect is vital, and I urge everyone to take themselves more seriously and give themselves what they need to flourish,” he said.

As we know, Davis has always been very outspoken and speaks up for what’s right. Especially when it comes to protecting his peers and human beings alone. 

I’ve been friends with Davis since middle school. Davis is a really awesome person who is so supportive and genuine. He is also a huge supporter of LGBTQ rights in the school. It’s really inspiring to hear him stand up for human rights,”  senior Claire Topper said.

Junior Reese Walters shared how he and Davis met, and their instant bond over music. The duo quickly became friends and still get along very well.

“Davis is always there for me and he understands me really well. I’ll miss having a shoulder to lean on but I hope we will still keep in touch after he graduates. Plus, he’s a great addition to the band we will lose,” Reese said. 

Reese’s favorite memories with Davis are their times exploring places together.   

“Over the summer, I invited Davis and a friend over and we went hiking in my abandoned quarry. It was tons of fun and we had so much fun exploring. We also are in Marching Band together and getting to hang out with him at band camp and traveling to games are really fun. It’s never a dull day on the bus because of him,” he said. 

Senior Ella Underwood is another one of Davis’ long time friends with the two meeting in math class and sitting next to each other. 

“Davis is a very confident person and very accepting and kind to everyone. He is never afraid to speak his mind and is brave. He will always tell his friends the truth and treat them well. I will miss hearing Davis’ opinions and viewpoints. He is a great person to talk to so I will miss having face to face conversations,”  Ella said.

Davis and Ella have had many fun moments together, but her favorite moments were their puns and games.

“My favorite memory with Davis is when he made up a list of puns with my name in them, or playing games with him in the library,” she said.

Government teacher Mrs. Allyson Durney has enjoyed having Davis in class. It has been my pleasure to have Davis for US Government this year, as well as American History Now mini course,” she said. 

Mrs. Durney, like many, also appreciates how outspoken Davis is, and how mature he is during a discussion where he disagrees. 

I really appreciate Davis’ honesty to share his viewpoint and his willingness to hear those who he may disagree with. He is able to ask questions of his peers in a calm, non-threatening way that helps promote mutual respect and understanding,” Mrs. Durney said.

Mrs. Durney will miss Davis’ confidence in what he believes in and the ways he contributed to the class. She will also miss his goofy personality.

“I will miss Davis’s openness and courage to stand up for what he believes in.  I will miss his contributions to Current Events and his understanding of the world around him,” she said.

As always, the students and staff of BAHS will root for Davis and his future endeavors. Davis will be missed and remembered by all that he did for our school. Thank you for your participation in clubs here and sticking up for what you believe in. There will never be anyone to replace Davis Folnsbee at Bellefonte. He was a great student, and an even better person.. Wear your cap and gown proud, and good luck