Moon Knight takes over the MCU

Matthew Zandi, Staff Reporter

The character known as Moon Knight, played by Oscar Isaac, first appeared in a Marvel comic in 1975. He has Dissociative Identity Disorder, or DID. He shifts between his identities as Steven Grant and Marc Spector. Grant is an employee at a gift shop, who goes through blacks out memories from his life. The time that he spends blacked out is when the Moon Knight comes out, who is controlled by his Marc Spector personality. The two identities are shown as rivals. Spector and Grant fought during the second episode of the series. 

Just like every other Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) show, the first season of Moon Knight will be six episodes long. The first episode released on Disney Plus on March 30. The episodes are released once a week. The last episode is set to release on May 4. Moon Knight is a part of phase four in the MCU. Each MCU phase consists of a complete storyline throughout the series. There are currently twelve movies confirmed for this phase, with the Disney Plus also joining. This means that the Moon Knight character could potentially be in other MCU projects. Some projects that Moon Knight is rumored to be in are Blade and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. 

Marvel has built the most successful movie franchise ever, with their MCU. According to Movie Web, The MCU has earned over $25 billion since they first released Iron Man in 2008. Marvel was then bought by Disney on December 31, 2009 for $4 billion. Since, every MCU movie is currently streaming on Disney’s streaming service, Disney Plus. The MCU had only consisted of movies, until the release of WandaVision in January 2021. The show can only be streamed on Disney Plus, along with the series that have since been released. These shows include The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, and Hawkeye. On March 30 of this year, Moon Knight joined these shows on Disney Plus. 

For me, it is my second favorite of the MCU shows on Disney Plus, behind WandaVision. The show doesn’t overuse the usual one-liner jokes that Marvel is made fun of for using. The build up into action scenes are nicely placed to where the fighting has a satisfying conclusion. The introduction of a mental disorder brings awareness to those who struggle from such. I am excited to see where Marvel takes the character. 

“This is the story. And if there’s any kind of future, I think it just depends on if people like it, if people want to see more, and if we find a story that’s worth telling,” Isaac said. The story told has been exciting thus far. On a scale of ten, I would give it an eight.