The Wok: A restaurant bringing great food throughout the pandemic

Davis Corman, Content Manager

At Bellefonte’s sole Chinese restaurant, a customer can be assured of an authentic and delicious meal.

Located in the heart of downtown Bellefonte resides the Bellefonte Wok, a Chinese restaurant dedicated to serving its customers. What was previously a Chinese buffet had to adapt to the COVID-19 restrictions and now has become a takeout restaurant. Although many customers loved the buffet experience, popularity remains strong with residents of the town experiencing daily lines flooded outside the store with people waiting for takeout orders. And even with the restaurant business, they continually serve quality meals.

On Wednesday, April 13, I had ordered take-out at the restaurant, requesting my usual order of General Tso’s chicken, white rice, vegetable lo mein, and chicken on a stick. Within a short wait of 20 minutes, the meal was ready for pickup.

With eating at the restaurant numerous times throughout my life, General Tso’s chicken has yet to let me down. The sweet but tangy sauce with the fairly tender chicken was delicious and something I would definitely recommend to others. Moreover, understanding that white rice is hard to mess up, the Wok’s rice was also nice and went with the chicken well.

In regards to the vegetable lo mein, although I still enjoyed it, I would only say it was okay. The noodles were a little soggy, which I don’t blame on the restaurant as it’s hard to keep food fresh with takeout, and it needed a little more sauce. However, the sauce itself was pleasant and something I would recommend to others.

Finally, the last item I tried was the famous chick on a stick. In ordering a bag of them, you receive enough chicken to be a meal in itself. I have generally had mixed experiences with this meal, sometimes being amazing and other disappointments, but this time it was the first. The chicken was extremely tender and the taste was something to look forward to. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone.

In an overall assessment of the Wok, I would absolutely recommend anyone to eat at this place. With its low prices and large portions, you truly can’t go wrong if you enjoy Chinese food. I would advise that this restaurant can sometimes be inconsistent, but it is generally a decent place to eat. If you would like to try the Wok out, it is located at 111 S. Allegheny St, Bellefonte, PA 16823, and a link to their website is here.