A hardworking student and athlete

Olivia Aberegg, Design and Layout Editor

Funny. Witty. Bright. Kind. These are all adjectives that can be used to describe senior Elle Macafee and her friends have nothing but great things to say about her as a student, friend, and individual.

“Elle is an incredible person with the biggest heart. She is always there if I ever need help with school. I can always count on her to make me laugh or to cheer me up if I’m having a bad day. We’ve been friends since Kindergarten and I will forever cherish our memories and the friendship we have formed,” senior Megan Marsh said.

Senior Ty Kroell views Elle as a “ very gifted individual. She is just an extremely intelligent person with an affinity and lust for knowledge. As a friend, Elle is very passionate, unselfish, kind, and caring.  She always stands up for the people she cares about and will do everything in her power to make her friends feel comfortable in their own skin. Lastly, as an individual, Elle is active, outgoing, and independent. She loves to get out and have a good time.”

Elle’s teachers describe her as being humorous, helpful, and a hard-working student.

Government teacher Mrs. Allyson Durney has Elle for US Government/American History (mini-course).

“Elle is one interesting student; she is unapologetically herself but is always open to learn things and help others learn.  Her humor is often appreciated and her quick wit help add to any classroom environment,” Mrs. Durney said.

Child Development teacher Mrs. Amy Barth has Elle for Childhood Development 2 and said that Elle has taught her a lot during this year. 

“Elle is an excellent student. She always has intellectual things to contribute during class times. Elle likes to pretend like she doesn’t care about things but will never ever give less than 100% no matter how undesirable the task. She is competent, she is kind and she is a student I will never forget,” Mrs. Barth said.

Elle has been a member of the girls’ lacrosse team for the past eight years. Throughout those eight years, she has been awarded Athlete of the Week and MVP for the previous years of her lacrosse career. Apart from her lacrosse achievements, Elle has also been awarded Academic Excellence and Distinguished Honor Roll and has been nominated for Student of the Month.

After graduation, Elle plans to pursue a career in architectural engineering at Penn State. Elle’s teachers believe that she will have a bright future after her time at the Bellefonte Area High School.

“Elle has a bright future ahead of her and I can’t wait to see where she ends up and how she will contribute to the world,” Mrs. Barth said.