J.Cole and Dreamville exceed expectations

Alex Ebeling, Student Engagement Coordinator

One of the hottest rap groups in the industry just released their third album as a group. Dreamville, consisting of eight artists, has recently been in the conversation for best rap group in their genre. The eight artists consist of, Ari Lennox, Bas, Cozz, EarthGang, JID, Lute, and the leader, J.Cole. J.Cole constructed the group in 2007 and hasn’t looked back since. 

Since they have been assembled J.Cole has won a Grammy award and the group has been nominated for 2 Grammys. The group’s most recent project, D-day, was released on March 31. The album consists of 15 songs and a total listening time of 47 minute and 18 seconds.

This album contains explicit language and could be inappropriate for younger audiences. The album opens up with the song “Stick” featuring JID, J.Cole, Sheck Wes, and Kenny Mason. This song was a surprise to the fans as Sheck Wes does not match the scheme of the group, but the production of the song worked out better than expected.

The connection between the artists throughout the songs is incredible. They bring their different styles together seamlessly and effortlessly. J.Cole shows how he is the leader and one of the greatest rappers in this generation. His two singles on the album, “Freedom of speech”, and “Heaven’s EP,” show the versatility of his music and the lyrical genius behind each word he says.

The album even reverts back to the 90’s whenever Cozz samples the beat from the song “Who shot ya?” by the Notorious B.I.G. The song is far from the original and the flow on the song is almost the complete opposite of Biggie’s verse in the original.

My favorite song from the album would have to be “Heaven’s EP” by J.Cole. Throughout the track J.Cole speeds up the flow and slows it down. The lyrics on the track are very relatable for me and the main audience of the group. The lyrics also highlight recent antics in the world, including the Ye West drama. 

Current sophomore Trevor Johnson is a big Dreamville and J.Cole fan. Trevor has been eager to hear the new album after hearing about the rumor of it releasing. 

“I’ve been waiting for a while for the song “Heaven’s EP” after he released it on spotify,” he said. 

His favorite song on the album was “Heaven’s EP” and according to Trevor, “blessed everyone’s ears who listened to it.”

Trevor enjoys listening to every J. Cole song, he is his favorite rapper right now. J.Cole has a total of 10 albums on spotify right now. 

“J.Cole has never missed on any song he has” he said.

Overall the album in my opinion is the best Dreamville album put out on spotify, and is my favorite by far.