Golfer. Student. Friend.

Katie Stubblefield, Copy Editor

    Frugal. Relaxed. Clever. Those are the words that Keith “Keifer” Hamilton’s friends use to describe him. One of his closest friends is his cousin, senior Nolan Weaver. 

    “Keifer (I’ve always called him Keifer) and I have been great friends ever since birth.  We love camping and hanging out with our shared friend group. We have always had each other’s back,” Nolan said. 

    Keifer is a four-year varsity letterman on the golf team and hopes to continue playing throughout college. He is going to Clarion University to continue his golfing career and pursue a business administration degree.

    “I picked that degree because of my personality and work ethic. I think this direction will help me to achieve my goals further down the road,” Keifer said. 

    Throughout his years at BAHS, Keifer grew particularly close to his teacher Mr. Kevin Harman, who teaches Physics.

    “Keifer was a great student, he worked hard and wanted to understand the information.  He was able to think creatively and find solutions to complex problems.”

   Mr. Harman appreciated Keith’s positive attitude and the fact that even though he’s quiet, his actions and words are always intentional. 

    “He is dedicated and works hard to accomplish his goals. He shows leadership by example but will encourage others when needed,” Mr. Harman said. 

    Keifer is excited about what his future may hold after high school and is going to miss Bellefonte and all the memories he has here. Though transitioning from high school to college is scary, he is ready for the challenges that will come his way. 

    This summer, Keifer is going to spend time with his friends and family while looking back at his high school memories and growth throughout the years..

    “One thing I would like to tell my freshman self is to stick with your family and a couple of close friends, don’t take anything for granted, and enjoy the year through the ups and downs. It only lasts so long,” Keifer said.