Spectacular season for young baseball team

Luke Fisher, Senior Staff Reporter


    This year, the Bellefonte baseball team ended their season with a final record of 16-3. They were one game away from winning the Mountain League. The team had to beat Philipsburg-Osceola to clinch the league, but lost by a close 4-3. Nevertheless, the boys still have a great season going and they can still do well in the state playoffs.   

    On May 31, the team played in their district final against Juniata. They won with a score of 14-2, making it the fourth year in a row the team has won districts. Sophomore Trevor Johnson had two home runs and junior Alex Ebeling had one.

     This young Bellefonte team only had two seniors this year – Derek Fravel and Ty Cronin. Derek’s favorite memory from this season was “the bus rides home from big wins.” Ty Cronin says that his favorite memory was “beating PO with a walk off at our first game at Governor’s Park.” 

    When reflecting on his high school career, Ty Cronin said that he is going to miss making lifelong memories with his teammates the most. He also leaves them a piece of advice. 

    “Keep doing what you are doing and you will have just as much success,” he said.

    Derek is going to miss “the family we all made to win as much as we did.”

    His advice for the underclassmen echoes that of Ty.

    “Stay focused in the present and work like you never have before,” Derek said. 

    Derek Fravel has been a big part of Bellefonte’s baseball team since he was a freshman. Now, he is a senior and is heading to Seton Hill University to continue his baseball career. He’s  asked a few underclassmen some questions about Derek.

    Freshman Peyton Vancas will look back on the memories of playing ball with these graduating seniors. 

    “It’s been very good and a fun experience,” he said.

    His favorite memories, like Derek, were “the bus rides home after wins.” 

    Sophomore Josh Brown recalls only good thoughts when thinking back on what it was like to play alongside Derek. 

    “It’s been fun playing with Derek this year. He always has a good attitude and motivates everyone to keep going,” Josh said. 

    His favorite memory of Derek is specifically  “playing third and always saying 5-piece chicken McNugget to each other after every out.” 

    As of press time, the team will compete for the state championship tentatively on Monday, June 6.