Senior-studded track season

Olivia Aberegg, Staff Reporter


    As the track and field season comes to an end, the seniors reflect on their experiences and memories as part of the team.

    The seniors are in agreement that the season went well. Both the boys and girls teams placed third in the Mountain League meet and many people in the team moved on to Districts.

    Many of the seniors on the team have fond memories of their time on the Track and Field team. Senior Ella Underwood’s favorite memory was when teammates Willy and Archer got her ice cream.

    “My favorite memory is when Willy and Archer ran across the street to get me ice cream and came back with it melted all over their hands or when my coach had to unscrew my spikes in the pouring rain and mud during competition,” Ella said.

    Senior Amber Corl enjoyed the time when a guy gave the team water on a hot day.

    “When Miller made us run hills in really hot weather and some guy was out watering his grass and he let us drink from the hose and spray ourselves down,” Amber said.

    The seniors also discussed what they would miss about the sport including their friends on the team, the coaches, and the competitiveness. 

    “I am going to miss all the players and coaches that I have met and become friends with throughout the years,” senior Ava Lauk said.

    “I will miss competing, but I am also going to miss the whole team. They pushed me throughout the season to be better, and I will miss that in the next chapter of my life,” senior Emily Culp said.

    Throughout the season there have been many people who the seniors believe have stood out and made an impact on the team. Some of the kids who stand out impacted the team by their attitude, spirit, sportsmanship, and hard work.

    “I would have to say that William Spratt stands out in the team because of his attitude and great spirit,” senior William Brininger said.

    Senior Gracie Sweka thinks the distance team stands out because of how well they did. However, senior Rebecca Methven acknowledges a specific teammate. 

    “I believe Emily Culp has really stood out this year. She has really worked on her abilities since last year and the progress shows,” Rebecca said.

    On May 19 some of the individuals of the Track and Field team who qualified traveled to their final meet, Districts at Mansion Park in Altoona. Overall, the team competed very well in their events. Some of the events that were competed were relays, triple jump, pole vault, long jump, javelin, discus, 100m, 100m hurdles, 110m hurdles, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1600m, and 3200m. 

    Junior Lauren Benner’s favorite part of Districts was the 4×1 meter relay team getting a new personal record.

    “For the 4×1 relay we were going for a time of 54.4 seconds or 54.3 seconds and we ended up getting a new personal record of 53.8 seconds,” Lauren said.

    Track and Field is a sport where individuals have come together to be competitive and have fun. As the time comes for the seniors to say goodbye to the sport they love, they reflect on their time on the team and cherish the memories that they made.