Party in the ‘fonte

Hope Martin, Layout editor



    The first overnight party since the COVID-19 pandemic was held on Friday, May 20 at 10 p.m. through 6 a.m. the following day, and many seniors were excited to attend.

     The Class of 2022 parent group had organized a variety of fun activities for the students. These activities included tub races, axe throwing, obstacle courses, bull riding, bounce houses and more.

    Not only was there a variety of activities, but there was also a magician, hypnotist, and caricature artists to help make the night even more memorable and enjoyable. 

    Senior Riley Clute was especially excited for several of these activities. 

“I most looked forward to the hypnotist and the bounce houses,” Riley said.

    There was also a photobooth set up for students to mess around in and take a snapshot to help them remember the night for years to come. 

    The parent group came up with several massive prizes that were funded by them. There were flatscreens, minifridges, and other fun prizes. 

    Senior Collin Winnett attended the party for the whole night and enjoyed spending time with his classmates. 

    “My favorite activity was playing volleyball after all of the inflatables went away,” Collin said.

    Even though Collin did have an enjoyable time with volleyball, some of the other activities gave him a different feeling.  

    “The hypnotist was creepy. It’s weird to think that someone else could control you to that degree without you being able to know,” Collin said. 

    Senior Mackenzie Hockenberry left at 3 a.m. because she got sick after her participation in the hypnotist show.

    “There were like ten of us that got sick after the show. Half the people still felt like we were hypnotized and sick, some were throwing up. Most of us who were hypnotized ended up leaving early since we were so sick,” Mackenzie said.

    This was Mackenzie’s first time being hypnotized, and she knows she’ll never do it again. 

    “I found it weird, going up on that stage and doing this stuff. I never would have done that on my own. I’m super shy, but I did it anyways,” said Mackenzie.

    Overall, the first overnight party since COVID started and ended, leaving seniors with many more memories they can add on their final ones from BAHS.