With a grin and a quip, PE teacher heads to retirement

Pauline Alterio, Photographer

By PAULINE ALTERIO, Photographer


    Mr. Donald Amoriello may be Bellefonte’s sardonic PE teacher, but under the cynical surface? He’s an honest friend and encouraging mentor, who carries his sarcastic humor around with his laptop cart and Jeep license plate.

    As his time in our schools comes to a close, his colleagues are reflecting upon their time and relationships with him. Current Athletic Director Ms. Deb Moore says she will most miss the spirit and humor that Mr. Amoriello brings to Bellefonte each day.

    “He has such a wonderful heart of gold,” she said. “I’m really going to miss him and his sense of humor.”

     The physical education and health instructor is formally stepping down after 24 years of teaching within Bellefonte. He began working at Bellefonte in 1998, acting as Athletic Director for 14 years and a health and physical education teacher for another 10. He had taught in other districts for a prior 13 years. 

    For health and PE teacher Mr. Josh Diehl, it’s the life and temper of Mr. Amoriello that he will miss greatest.

    “Don has always had the best ‘one liners’ and can make anyone around him laugh,” he said. “I will miss his sarcasm and funny jokes.”

    Those funny jokes are what all of us at Bellefonte will come to miss, but we will especially miss Mr. Amoriello’s ability to understand a room and lift it up, and we will especially appreciate his constant insistence to push us to our best. Undoubtedly, these words of admiration will leave Mr. Amoriello with an eyeroll and a scowl, but undoubtedly, he knows (or should know) how great of a teacher and friend he has been to so many.

    “He’s a down to earth guy and always made gym class and school better,” junior Jacob Knapp said. “I’m going to miss Amoriello and gym class with him.”

    Mr. Amoriello says he will be spending time on his own accord during retirement, but also spending time with his grandchildren Colton and Madison. 

    Of course, Mr. Amoriello’s retirement wouldn’t be complete without his trademark humor, so we say good luck to all those who cross his path. We also say good luck to you, Mr. Amoriello– know that Bellefonte will always have a place for you, whether you like it or not. Thanks for everything.