Robin Hood & Co: best restaurant in Bellefonte?


Alexis Eakin, Staff Reporter



    Robin Hood Brewing Co., commonly referred to as “Home D” by the locals, has some of the best meals you would want to eat on a night out. From pizza to salad to perogies there are many options to choose from. 

    Robin Hood and Co. is a great place to go with family and enjoy delicious food. I went right after I had softball practice when I was tired and extremely hungry, but the appetizers and meal filled me up and the lemonade quenched my thirst. 

    My dad and I shared some pretzel bites with cheese and lemongrass and chicken potstickers. The pretzel bites had the perfect amount of salt on them and were the right amount of softness, the cheese was really good too. We only got the lemongrass and chicken potstickers because we had never heard of lemongrass before but they came with a really good sauce, they were the best potstickers I have had in my entire life.

    After that we ordered our meal, I got chicken tenders and beer battered fries with beer cheese. The chicken tenders had the best crisp and the chicken wasn’t dry, the fries were nice and crispy but the beer cheese makes the fries and chicken tenders even better. It’s not very thick and has a different texture but it’s actually super good– the perfect temperature and much better than normal cheese. 

    Overall my meal was so good and it filled me up fast. I ate a little over half of it and I was full, but it’s so good I wanted to keep eating it. I ended up taking the rest home. Usually leftover fries and chicken tenders are dry and gross after heated up in the microwave, but these fries and chicken tenders were neither. I microwaved my leftover cheese too, it was still as good as when I got it there and it still made the food even better. 

    After eating there many times before, I still give this place a 10/10 every time, because of their good and fast service, and fantastic food that never goes bad. Try it out at 1796 Zion Road.