Teacher of the month: Chen Lao Shi

J. Willey, Staff reporter



    BAHS Chinese teacher Chen Lao Shi is seen as a favorite teacher by many, for her teaching, character, and the relationships she builds with her students.                

    “My favorite part of teaching is showing kids how to speak Chinese and get to know about Chinese culture. I want my students to be able to communicate and be able to use the language in their job field they choose or if they travel to a place like China,” Chen Lao Shi said.

    Sophomore Josie Underwood learns more and more each day being in Chen Lao Shi’s class. The students get new topics to work on every day. Shi makes class more interesting in her own way. 

    “I take away new vocabulary and new sentence structure from her lessons. I learn how to speak about a new topic for conversations…she helps us apply our topics to the real world,” Josie said.  

    Sophomore Alyssa Beers likes to hear about the difference between American and Chinese education. They are very different from each other. 

    “My favorite part of her teaching is when she discusses with us how our school experience, meaning the years in which we attend school, differs from her experience when she lived in Taiwan,” Alyssa said. 

    But the student’s like for Chen Lao Shi comes from more than just her teaching. Sophomore Emma Shawley likes how Chen Lao Shi handles herself in situations. She takes care of things with kindness. She never handles things hatefully. 

    “I would describe Chen Laoshi as graceful. She is always kind to us even if we are having bad days, and never fails to stick up for us and ask us what’s wrong,” Emma said. 

    All the students really appreciate Chen Lao Shi’s patience with them. Even when her students aren’t acting their best, she still tries to be kind. 

    “Her patience with us has been incredible,” sophomore Mackenzie Mamolen said.  

    Chen Lao Shi took on being more than just a teacher – she is also a student herself. She is working hard for her students, but behind the scenes is very busy with her own work.

    “I would describe Chen Lao Shi as a dedicated, hardworking teacher. She put time into teaching in both the high school and the middle school, and she continued to take college classes on the side,” sophomore Alyssa Beers said. 

    Sophomore Micah Weaver, feels like he can express himself and enjoy class while still learning at the same time. 

    I’ve had a lot of fun in her class throughout the years. We can express ourselves in her class…She tries to help every student with their own struggles…She is also very caring, and the students feel comfortable in her class. Overall, she is just a great teacher who understands her students,” he said.