One of a kind teacher

Ethan Struble, Staff reporter



    During her years teaching at BAHS, Miss Jennifer Richardson has been able to call the school her home, but all good things must come to an end. After over 20 years of teaching English, our beloved Miss Richardson is retiring from teaching at the end of this school year. 

    Those who had her for a teacher will tell you how much of an awesome teacher she was, and those who weren’t able to have her as a teacher will wish they did.

    Miss Richardson started her teaching journey when she became a substitute teacher right out of college. From there, she taught at a juvenile detention center, and then at a district outside of Harrisburg. Finally, she found a job teaching at BAHS.

    “When I came to Bellefonte, I knew this was where my career would really begin,” she said.

    Besides teaching English and AP Literature and Composition, Miss Richardson was also involved in many other activities. She had the honor of co-advising Student Council for 19 years, as well as serving as the bowling coach for three years.

    Her presence at the high school will surely be missed greatly by the teaching staff as they say goodbye.

    “I will miss having a work sister with whom I could always laugh or cry or share concerns with,” math teacher Mr. Matthew Trumbull said.

    On the other side of the building, English teacher Mrs. Jessica Lloyd shares what she will miss the most about Miss Richardson.

    I will miss all of the laughter we’ve shared over the years and the good advice she’s given me. Even though she’ll only be a text message or a phone call away, it will be sad that I don’t have unlimited access to her on a daily basis,” she said.

    Her fellow teachers are not the only ones who will miss her; juniors Ruby Bjalme and Cecilia Mazzocco reflect on what they will miss the most about Miss Richardson.

    “All of her smart comments. In any situation, she always knows what to say to make you laugh,” Ruby said.

    Cecilia will miss her overall personality. 

    “I think I’ll mostly miss her truthfulness and want to actively be her best, authentic self,” Cecilia said.

    Over all her years of teaching at the high school, she added so much to the building with her kindness and personality.

    “During the years that I worked with her, I saw her form meaningful connections with her students. She took the time to learn things about them beyond the classroom and made them feel like people,” Mrs. Lloyd said.

    It is obvious that Miss Richardson has had a huge impact on the school and on the students, but the school had an impact on her as well. According to her, there are some things that you get here at the school that you can’t get anywhere else.

    “I will miss the regularity of having a schedule, as well as the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.  It is so great to have the flexibility to change lessons based on what the kids are going through, and I love letting them know that they are special.  I most certainly will miss the people I have had the pleasure of working with for the past 21 years at BAHS,” Miss Richardson said.

    But this is not the time to dwell on what we will miss or not miss. It’s about remembering our favorite moments with her. 

    “Several times a year, Miss Richardson and I would clap and cheer for students as they walked in the hallways between classes, like we sometimes do at the end of the year when students leave for the summer.  It was fun for us, and it gave many students big smiles,” Mr. Trumbull said.

    In addition to Mr. Trumbull, many other teachers have fond memories involving Miss Richardson. 

    “I’ve had too many good moments with her to count, both inside and outside of the building. However, I’ll miss her being my ‘Woo Girl’ at pep rallies the most,” Mrs. Lloyd said.

    When a teacher can make learning fun and create special memories with students, you know you have a good one.

    “My favorite moment with Miss Richardson was when we had career learning for two hours and after the work was done we had deep conversations and talked about everything we could,” Ruby said.

    Cecilia shares a favorite memory of hers with Miss Richardson during her freshman year.

    “My favorite times with her were always in our little AP Lit class my freshman year, especially when we were annotating poems and trying on period-piece dresses in the drama closet,” Cecilia said.

    Miss Richardson plans on spending most of her retirement relaxing on the beach catching some rays. She also plans on traveling with her husband, spending time with her family, and continuing to read books. So, make sure to say goodbye to Miss Richardson before she leaves our building, because she truly is a one of a kind teacher.