Car show without a hitch

Davis Corman, Content manager



    For the past eight years, with the exception of COVID-related restrictions, the Central Pennsylvania Institute (CPI) has held an annual event showcasing the works of its various departments. Each works together, from the culinary to the automobile program, contributing different aspects to the event that make up the car show.

    Shedding insight on the cumulative effort, Junior Bryenna Williams, a CPI student, said “I helped in making a couple of the trophies that were handed out, I judged vehicles, and helped guide people to spots as much as I could.”

    Junior Peter Rose added, “We helped with registration and judging […] having to show up on time and [we] had to look at the cars very closely.”

    The Car Show was open to the public for free, allowing individuals from all over the county to attend and view the work the students had put in over the year. One of the goals of the show is to use the community attendance to help fundraise for the continuation of its programs.

     “The auto tech program raises funds for tool purchasing and equipment updates. Carpentry sells wood crafts and horticulture sells plants, culinary sells food at the event, and advertising arts also makes the plaques for the trophies,” Michael Sipes, the Automotive Technology Instructor at CPI said. 

    The show itself works as a chance for individuals to showcase their cars in numerous divisions. The event offers categories that include antique, classic, hot rod, motorcycle, and more. In accordance with the hands-on effort by the school, students are the judges, awarding first, second, and third place winners.

    Seniors Timmy Wingert and Brett Delaney served as judges for the show. Tim is in the Collision program at CPI and Brett is in the Auto Mechanics class. 

    “We judged newer trucks, anything past the year 2000. Each judge was given a specific section of cars to judge,” Timmy said. 

    Along with fundraising, the event serves to shed light to the public on what CPI offers to the students. With each department contributing to the show in one way or another, all of their projects are on display at the event, allowing the community to see what exactly they do.

    Highlighting the department’s contribution, Michael Sipes said, “The trophies are made by the automotive technology class and are painted by the collision repair class, and the first, second, and third place plaques are designed by the advertising arts class.”

    In its totality, the event for the students mainly serves as a means to show off their works and have a good time, leaving memories that they will take with them for years to come. 

    “It was important to everyone in our class because we got to all hang out, looking at awesome cars and taking our cars out to their first show,” Peter said.