Red and White Senior Sendoff

The end of the beginning

Rebecca Methven, Staff Reporter

Dearest Reader, 

It is almost the end of the beginning half of my life, and to say it has come too soon is quite the understatement. I have a whole life ahead of me and although I may know where I am going to college, and what I am studying, I must confess that I am terrified of what my future may hold. Nothing can truly prepare you for the future, take it from me, a straight-cut perfectionist. Sometimes in order to live your life, and truly breathe, you have to learn to let go and roll with the punches. 

As a freshman, I never would have guessed that I would be where I am right now. I went from not caring about school to cherishing the moments I will only live through once. From being insecure about my aspirations to joining up to eight amazing extracurriculars, and through it all I made some of my best friends. It is important to be thankful for what is in your life, to be grateful for those who have impacted it, and to remember the trials and tribulations. 

If I could give any advice to anyone reading this, it is that only you can change your life. Other people may influence your life, however, only you can take the initiative to change it. Life will never be easy. It will throw you the worst punches and knock you on your butt, but you can only grow by getting back up again. 

Joining a class like journalism helped me to express my emotions through writing, and overall become a much better person. I would encourage everyone to join a class just like this one. I was able to see myself grow both as a writer and a person, and I wouldn’t change this experience for anything.

My life here at high school has not always been easy, between struggling to find out who I am and figuring out what I enjoy, I was never truly happy. I wasted so much time trying to figure myself out that I never stopped to just let it happen naturally. I would often live for other people, and I truly encourage everyone to only do what you enjoy. Oftentimes I wished I had ignored what others said sooner, because I quickly became who others thought I should be.

Whoever you are, I promise you times will get better, but only if you take that jump and make the change. It is important to remember it takes time to morph into your true self. However, in the meantime, don’t be afraid to fall in love or take the trip. Spend time driving into the sunset,  being with the ones you love, and doing what you love because in the end that is what makes you, you.