Red and White Senior Sendoff

Thank you

Evan Cutler, Staff Reporter

Well, this is it. My time at the Bellefonte Area High School is coming to an end. For me, I could not be happier that I am done with high school. But I am sad that I will be leaving since I have met so many wonderful people throughout my high school experience. I wanted to give some advice to the underclassmen and finally a thank you to the whole student body. 

I will start with giving some advice to the underclassmen, saying that both classwork and homework are very important. It will take up most of your grade and it will be what is spent the most time. The people reading this probably already know that at this point through elementary and middle schools. But what I will say is that it should not get in the way of one’s social life. 

One’s social life is very important to one’s health; I seemed to have learned that too late. For most of my school experience I spent most of my time doing school work with little time for social life. It  caused a great loneliness in me even though I had many friends at the time. I have only just started to give myself time to hang out with friends. So I implore any underclassman who reads this, classwork and homework are very important to school. But social interaction is just as important to one’s health and the school experience as a whole. 

I wanted to spend some time thanking people. I want to first thank the Red and White Newspaper staff. Working with all of you was such a real treat. The people that I have met and worked with through the newspaper have been very clever, charming, and motivated. It has been such a pleasure with writing different types of stories that deal with a range of subjects. The discussions with stories were always very insightful and entertaining, even on the most troubling day. To all staff in the Red and White Newspaper, it has been a true honor working with you. 

And finally, I want to thank my friends and teachers who have been major influences for me. I have met some of the most funny, interesting, and friendly people through school. They have made me laugh, converse, and made me rethink some previously thought biases. It will be very hard to say goodbye, but I’ll do my best. My friends, and you know who you are, have not only helped me discover who I am, but also who I want to be in this world. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.