How the cookie crumbls

Avah Colm, Staff Reporter

A gourmet cookie franchise that gained popularity through social media has recently announced their plans to open a new location in State College nearing the end of September. 

The company, Crumbl Cookies, was founded in 2017 by CEO Jason McGowan and COO Sawyer Hemsley. Crumbl is best known for their weekly rotating menu that features a variety of different cookie flavors each week. Originally, Crumbl offered only a chocolate chip option, but the business has since widened its menu by introducing over 200 new flavors. 

  The closest Crumbl Cookies to Bellefonte is currently located in Williamsport. Senior Natalie Mattern was one of many who have paid a visit. 

“My friends Emma, Ava, and I decided to drive to Williamsport one day to try the cookies. We knew it would be a long drive, but we kept seeing videos of the cookies on social media and wanted to try it,” she said. 

There, the students were able to try the week’s flavors. Out of the flavors they tried, there was a clear winner amongst the group.

“I think that my favorite was lemon because of its refreshing and fruity flavor, but the chocolate chip was a close second. I’m excited to try the other flavors when the new State College location opens,” senior Ava Bressler said.  

Senior Emma Matsko was also excited to hear about the new shop opening soon in State College. 

“I would definitely recommend it and will be visiting when it opens. My friends and I wanted to try Crumbl, so we made the drive, but now we won’t have to,” she said. 

Crumbl’s plans to expand don’t stop here. Each location is individualized from the franchise as a whole which has been done intentionally to add a touch of novelty to each shop and accentuate the profitability of the business. Customers now await the opening of the new State College location.