Dresses for a cause


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Lilly Guenther, Copy Editor

With a new school year beginning and Homecoming festivities being held last week, on October 1, the search for the right dress was on many Bellefonte High students’ to-do list throughout September. Recently, BAHS worked with Penn State University sorority Alpha Xi Delta to host a dress sale, with the benefits going towards PSU THON. 

Abigale Baransky is a senior at PSU studying pathology. She is the head THON chair of Alpha Xi Delta. Abigale explains that included in this is a range of responsibilities. 

“I organize events, help with fundraising, alumni outreach, [and] overseeing my amazing

Alt Funds Chair, Finance Chair, Assistant Chair, Family Relations Chair, and Spirit Chair. I also oversee two Mini [THON] committees who help organize events and come up with fundraising ideas,” she said.

The Alpha Xi Delta THON committee developed the idea to hold a dress sale at a local school. Over the summer, Abigale reached out to BAHS Dean of Students Mr. Andrew Caruso with the idea. Mr. Caruso helped with the organization of the event, reserving the gym and spreading information about it to students. 

“I wanted to do something that would benefit both the public and THON,” he said. 

The event was held from 6 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, September 7. Over 270 dresses were provided for the event. Students could try them on and purchase them for $15 each. 

Not only did this benefit THON, it gave students the opportunity to purchase new or gently-worn dresses for a much lower price. 

“The main reason I set up this event is because I wanted our organization to donate something other than money. Dresses were the perfect option because it is something we all have that is only worn once or twice…We were able to donate to two different communities which is why I loved this idea so much,” Abigale said. 

Mr. Caruso agreed.

 “A lot of parents expressed that this was beneficial to them because dresses are expensive and often only worn once…I thought they [the committee] did a great job,” he said. 

Around 60 dresses were sold overall, raising a total of $842 for THON. Abigale considers the event successful. 

“The biggest impact [of the event] to me was being proud to have an event where we could help two communities and bring them together…we are excited to continue having events like this where we can donate to two communities and involve our local community as well,” she said. 

BAHS students can help support THON directly in our community as well. The BAHS Mini THON committee is led by the Student Council. Club Advisor Mrs. Christine Morris reports that this year, the committee wants to make Mini THON a school-wide initiative. 

This includes canning drives at sporting events throughout the year, a volleyball tournament in November, a dodgeball tournament in spring, and other fundraising events, including clothing sales. 

“My favorite part of THON is changing and influencing lives for those impacted by childhood cancer,” Abigale said of her involvement in the organization. 

Students at BAHS can do this as well, by becoming involved in organizing, participating in, or even just donating to these events to benefit a good cause in our school community.