A dedicated student and soccer star

Olivia Aberegg, Design and Layout Editor

Jordan Stalhman is an impressive senior who can be described as hardworking, caring, funny, involved, kind, and compassionate. Her friends, other students, and the teachers at Bellefonte High School have nothing but good things to say about Jordan.

“Jordan is an intelligent, kind-hearted, and funny individual who I have had the privilege of being friends with,” senior Jocelyn Cooke said.

Jordan is a dedicated individual who is hardworking when it comes to her education and her athletics. Jordan has taken many AP classes throughout high school and has also maintained her spot as a student in the National Honor Society. Jordan is also a member of Key Club, Class Cabinet, and the varsity girls soccer team. Her hardwork in her extracurriculars has paid off, and she holds the position of Membership Secretary of NHS, Vice President of Key Club, and co-captain of the varsity girls soccer team.

Jordan’s determination and dedication to her schoolwork and her soccer season has earned her many achievements. She has receieved multiple officer positions, college board recognition, made varsity on the soccer team for four years, and has achieved many soccer awards.

Among the many AP courses that she has taken, AP World has been Jordan’s favorite class. 

“I love history. Sometimes it can be a lot of work, but it is an interesting and fun topic that I love to learn more about. [Mrs. Allyson] Durney and the other students also make the class very fun,” she said.

Jordan has thoroughly enjoyed her time at the high school. Her favorite memory during in the last four years was when past student teacher Mr. Frank gifted Mrs. Morris a class pet named Dwayne. 

Mrs. Christine Morris had Jordan in class for both AP Psychology and US 601. 

“Jordan is a young lady who often thinks of others and does her best to make sure everyone is included whether it’s a classroom assignment or team bonding with her soccer team. Overall, she is very inquisitive and looks out for the welfare of others,” Mrs. Morris said. 

After graduation, Jordan plans to major in education. She is not sure which college she wants to go to yet, but she is interested in Lock Haven. Jordan wants to return to school to get her degree in secondary education. 

“As a student, she is attentive and hardworking. As a friend, she is trustworthy and reliable. As an individual, she is realistic and respectful,” senior Lauren Benner said of Jordan.