Fitz and Morris take on Student Council

Hannah Deitrich, Staff Reporter

Student Council is one of the many student organizations offered at Bellefonte Area High School. With the retirement of Mrs. Jennifer Burdsall last school year and Mrs. Heather Huntsinger’s decision to step down from her spot, the advisor positions for Student Council were in need of being filled. Luckily, social studies teachers Mr. Edward Fitzgerald III (affectionately known to students as Fitz) and Mrs. Christine Morris stepped up to the role.

Those who know the pair can attest that the two are a dynamic duo. With Mrs. Morris leading the National Honor Society (NHS) and Fitz running senior graduation and several clubs, their plates were already quite full. One may wonder why a seasoned teacher like Mrs. Morris would add yet another thing to her plate, but she says she wants to keep traditions alive.

“At the end of last year, Mr. Fitzgerald and I both decided that we wanted to make sure that the annual traditions and activities that are sponsored for our student body continue to represent Bellefonte pride, tradition, and excellence,” she said. 

With the COVID-19 becoming less of a concern this school year, it has become possible to reinstate many traditions that were put on hold the past few years. Events like sports pep rallies, dances, and dodgeball and cornhole tournaments are all Student Council run events that are expected to come back.

At the end of last school year, there were a lot of questions and worries regarding who would assume the mantle. Student Council member and senior Maya Knupp expressed her relief about their takeover. 

“Student Council had a very hard time finding someone to step up and take on the responsibility of advising the club. So I know everyone including myself was super relieved and grateful to have Morris and Fitz take it on together,” she said. 

Maya expressed her thoughts on Mrs. Morris and Mr. Fitz taking over and how she feels they have done in their roles since the new school year began.

“So far, with a few speed bumps along the way, Student Council has been running smoothly because of their push and encouragement.” 

Having worked together for 27 years, the two teachers have a higher collective understanding of events that worked well in previous years. They hope to be able to continue promoting a community around the school for students, faculty, and staff. Mrs. Morris also talked about the things that she and Mr. Fitz are most interested in the coming year. 

“We want to continue the traditions that our school community has had in the past,” she said.