Girls soccer seniors say goodbye

Olivia Aberegg, Design and Layout Editor

As the girls’ soccer season comes to an end, the seniors reflect on their time on the team. There are six seniors on the team this year: Allison (Allie) Berkey, Erin Cronin, Liberty Fike, Madyson Hockenberry, Emma Rossman, and Jordan Stahlman. 

Coach Stacey Miller elaborates on how the team has grown this season through their hard work and dedication.

The team has grown a lot. They put a lot of hard work in during the off-season, playing both winter and spring soccer seasons, as well as doing two sessions per week this summer,” Coach Miller said. “Our seniors have been true leaders – by leading by example. They put in the time, work hard, encourage their teammates, [and] give 100% on the field.” 

The girls had their Senior Night on September 21 during a home game against Philipsburg-Osceola. Considering that the game was during their senior night, the girls felt excitement and anticipation to win the game. 

Liberty Fike described the night as an emotional one.

“During my senior night, I was very sad and nervous because the season has gone a lot faster than I thought it would. However, I couldn’t have been more proud of the team for making our Senior Night game a win,” Liberty said.

Madyson Hockenberry agreed with Liberty, in that the girls felt pressured to win the game because it was their Senior Night and on their own turf. 

“I think that it put a lot of pressure on us to win, but it was the good kind of pressure. We all wanted to win and feel the power of owning Senior Night. I think it inspired us to work hard and walk off with the win we were trying so hard to accomplish,” Madyson said.

Allie Berkey and Emma Rossman agreed that their favorite memory on the team was winning the game against PO.

The seniors have words of wisdom and advice from their years on the team with the underclassmen.

“I would like to tell underclassmen to value their time together and make every second count because it truly does go too fast,” Erin Cronin said.

Jordan Stahlman agreed that the underclassmen should not take advantage of the time they have, because it goes by quickly. 

“Just enjoy it. You choose to play the sport because you enjoy it. Four years goes by fast, so do not spend any of that time with a negative attitude,” Jordan said.

As the season comes to an end, Coach Miller reflects on the difficulty of saying goodbye to her seniors.

“I always get emotional when it comes time to say goodbye to our seniors. Usually there are tears at the banquet as I wish them well and good luck on their next adventures. This senior group is a special group of players and I will truly miss them.  It will definitely be hard to say goodbye,” Coach Miller said.