Girls golf seniors look back on their season


(From left to right behind letters) Seniors Katie Nugent, Emmalin Pringle, Sydney Hamilton, Alexis Kopcha, and Olivia Aberegg.

Avah Colm, Staff Reporter

As the end of the golfing season quickly approaches, Bellefonte prepares to say goodbye to five beloved seniors on the girls’ golf team: Olivia Aberegg, Sydney Hamilton, Alexis Kopcha, Katherine (Katie) Nugent, and Emmalin (Emma) Pringle.

Miss Jayme Zimmerman has been head coach of the girl’s team for nine years now.  She

expects that saying goodbye will not be easy. 

“I will truly miss the different personalities of these seniors. They were a great group of 

girls. It was a treat to not only have them as players, but to get to know them as individuals. Each one of these ladies have a bright future ahead of them,” she said.

Many seniors have taken the end of the season as an opportunity to reflect on the memories and relationships they have built on the course. Katie Nugent will miss the experiences she has had throughout her four years on the team. 

“When I graduate, the thing I will miss is spending time with my friends on the team,” she said.

Emmalin Pringle has a specific experience in mind as one she will remember. 

“My favorite memory is of when we found Karen the hermit crab at Clearfield and took her home with us,” she said. 

Katie remembers this fondly as well. 

We named it Karen and she made an Instagram page for it. It died soon after,” Katie said.

These seniors have helped to build a welcoming, yet competitive atmosphere for players to come.

“These girls helped to foster a great team atmosphere this year. They were strong leaders 

and dependable players. I knew I could count on them to guide the younger students and they stepped up when the team needed it. We will truly miss these girls next year,¨ Miss Zimmerman said. 

The players have truly made a difference not only for the sport but for Bellefonte High as a whole. Their contributions and accomplishments will make an impact for years to come. 

While it’s easy to become caught up with life during the season, Emma has a reminder for upcoming players.

“Work hard and enjoy it while it lasts. Time flies quickly when you’re in the moment,” she said.