Bellefonte adds own D&D club

Emma Homan, Feature News Director

Rolling into Bellefonte is a new activity for all: our very own Dungeons & Dragons club. Started by sophomore Delaina Burris and junior Morgen Frazier, the club had its first meeting on October 5 where it established future plans for the club and the games within.

Dungeons and Dragons, often shortened to D&D, is a roleplaying game where a group of people are led by a Dungeon Master (DM) through stories and quests with dice, figurines, maps, and the theatre of the mind. Each player creates a character with their own aspirations, motivations, appearance, and skillset to explore and conquer  a world of their own creation, gaining new abilities and equipment.

The inspiration for the club came from Delania herself, who realized that many people who wanted to try playing D&D had no opportunity to. 

“We decided that we want everyone to enjoy D&D. It’s for the students who have played before and for those who want to learn,” she said.

She also has high hopes for the club and its participants, and the environment they want to create in the club.

“The hope that we have is that more people will come and see what D&D really is. D&D is not just another game, it’s an experience. I also hope that people will find a place here to be creative and to know that we support those ideas,” Delaina said.

Because of its nature as a roleplaying game where players act out the personalities and lives of their characters, there is lots of room for creativity and self-exploration within the game. You can play anyone, do almost anything, create a story with your fellow players, and for a little while, play as someone other than yourself.

The advisor for the club, English teacher Mrs. Anne Maddox, doesn’t know much about D&D, but she has a lot of faith in the students running it.

“When students approached me about running the club, I was nervous. I know nothing about D&D at all. I agreed, however, because it’s such a great group of students. I’m glad that we have a variety of clubs for students to choose from, and I am happy to work with these young adults,” she said.

Co-Admin Morgen Frazier had this to say for those considering joining:

“D&D has always been for those who want to belong, so if you don’t think you fit anywhere then maybe you’ll fit here. You’ll never know unless you do,” he said.

The club plans to meet on alternating Wednesdays in Mrs. Maddox’s room after school. If you’re interested, stop by for a meeting to spectate, or even join in on the game.