“Don’t Worry Darling”: a new take on psychological thrillers

Hannah Deitrich, Staff Reporter

Imagine being able to live your life in a perfect, 1950s-style utopia with your significant other and closest friends. The area you live in has perfect weather and you get to dress in gorgeous outfits making the town of Victory a place that cannot be beat. Now, imagine the entire thing falling apart, but the only person who notices it is you. This is how Alice Chambers (portrayed by Florence Pugh) felt throughout the psychological thriller Don’t Worry Darling.

When the cast was announced for the movie, nobody was surprised that Florence Pugh was cast as the lead actress. With her exquisite acting in films like Little Women and Midsommar, Pugh was a magnificent fit for the role. With her portrayal of intense emotions and heavy topics, there is no doubting her ability to act. 

“Florence Pugh’s acting was amazing as always. She’s always amazing in a psychological thriller,” senior Gabby Deitrich said.

Furthermore, when it was announced that Shia Lebouf would no longer be working on the film, and that famous singer Harry Styles would be taking over the role of Jack Chambers, the internet broke. 

With a vast majority of the internet being fans of both Pugh and Styles, many were ecstatic to see if the two had any on-screen chemistry. Since Styles previously had very little acting experience, having only been in the film Dunkirk and making a cameo in an end-credit scene of Eternals, many were afraid that the two would not be able to balance each other’s abilities. But, even with some interesting acting choices from Styles, there’s no doubt that the two were quite the pair. However, even with the great chemistry on-screen it has been rumored that this isn’t quite the case for things that occurred off-screen, specifically between Pugh and director Olivia Wilde.

It has been said by a few set workers that Pugh and Wilde had gotten into a verbal altercation one day during filming. Additionally, both Wilde and Styles would disappear at times, as it is believed that they had started to date around this time, and these instances caused many moments where filming was halted. These occurrences led to both Pugh and Wilde not getting along with each-other, and even concluded in Pugh not attending a few press conferences for the movie. 

The story of the psychological thriller is quite an interesting one. The film starts out with Jack and Alice living their lives in their perfect world. Everything is going just fine until Alice begins to notice that many things about the town of Victory just aren’t quite correct. Alice decides that she needs to figure out what’s happening, but experiences many obstacles. 

However, even with the impeccable story, the film has quite a few plot holes, as well as a few moments being left up mainly to the viewers’ interpretation, causing many disputes between people online as to which theory is the correct one.

If you are over 17 and are interested in psychological thrillers, or you just want to see Florence Pugh and Harry Styles in action, be sure to go see the movie which is still in theaters now.