Aaron Judge is new homerun king

Addison Shawley, Staff Reporter

Major League baseball star Aaron Judge made history on October 4 by hitting his 62nd home run of the season. He hit this monumental moment at Globe Life Stadium, home of the Texas Rangers. Judge’s hit came in the first inning off of Rangers pitcher Jesús Tinoco.   

With this move, Judge beat out player Rodger Maris’ old record of 61 home runs in a single season. Former baseball player Barry Bonds holds the ultimate record of 72 home runs in one season, but others disagree with his maintaining of this record due to his substance use.

“Barry Bonds home-run record is the real record. Even though he was on steroids, he still had to hit the home runs. Judge is debatably as strong as Bonds as a 6’7 man, and still didn’t hit as many homeruns,” junior  Trevor Johnson said.

          Judge rarely gets in a slump but when he did he would strike out 2 to 3 times a game. He felt like he was letting his team down.He wasn’t coming up with any big hits prior to the game in Arlington. Judge had to find a way to get out of the slump he was in. 

Lots of people have been following Judge’s spectacular season. Judge has been locked in all season, rarely going into slumps, and fighting back when he does. Judge has been carrying the pressure on his shoulders all season, as everyone has been anticipating his 62nd. 

“My reaction to Judge’s 62nd home run was that I wish I were the person that caught that,” English teacher Mrs. Kelly Kreiger said.

Judge will go down in history, and is still on the road to MLB M.V.P. Achieving this is one of the highest accolades a player can earn in the MLB. The award goes to the most committed and hard-working players, and Judge is looking to be the best fit. 

This is and will probably be the best season Judge will ever have. Fans have been on their feet for him, giving him the appreciation he has earned while playing this remarkable season.