Jeremiah Ondrasik: A student of all attributes


Davis Corman, Editor-in-Chief

Senior Jeremiah Ondrasik has only been at Bellefonte for two years, yet in this short amount of time, he has already left a significant mark on the school.

Moving to Bellefonte at the start of his junior year, Jeremiah was entering an unknown environment, leaving behind many of his close friends and teachers. However, he quickly involved himself in the school, making long-lasting friends and memories.

Senior Noah Gatsby is one of these friends.

“Some things I will always remember about Jeremiah would be his humor, persistence, outgoing personality, and the fact that he is ginger,” he said. 

Within the school, Jeremiah is a dedicated student, involving himself in challenging courses and discussions. His favorite subject over the years has been calculus, and currently he is taking Advanced Placement Calculus BC. 

“Calculus is my favorite class because it’s like a complex puzzle and the class environment is engaging,” Jeremiah said.

Throughout his time in these courses, he has stood out to teachers as a dedicated and hardworking student.

Honors Pre-Calculus teacher Mr. Matt McDermit had Jeremiah in class last year. 

“Jeremiah was a pleasure to have in Honors Pre-Calc.  He consistently answered the most difficult questions in class and always strived toward perfection on assessments,” Mr. McDermit said.

Outside of the classroom, Jeremiah is also heavily involved in extracurricular activities. At his former high school in Dallastown, Pennsylvania, he participated in Ski Club, Running Club, Bowling Club, and the VEX Robotics Club. At Bellefonte, he joined the boys soccer team and the Robotics Club.

Senior Benjamin (Ben) Hargrove works alongside Jeremiah for two of those activities.

“Jeremiah is an indispensable teammate, both in soccer and robotics. With the effort he puts in and the quality results that follow, I always enjoy working with him,” Ben said.

As graduation is quickly approaching for Jeremiah, he plans to further his education through college. He intends to continue his passion for mathematics and engineering, hoping to one day find a job in that field. 

“I plan on going to PSU for computer science and mechanical engineering,” he said.

Regardless of his future, Jeremiah is sure to be successful. His hard work, dedicated attitude, and perseverance will carry him through hardships and make him bound for success.

“Jerry would bring lollipops to class every day for us to eat and it became the thing in class. We were always laughing and having a good time no matter what. It was the best. Having him in classes made school not as terrible,” senior Madison Melius said.