CPI’s Finest: Senior Colson Michael

Luke Fisher, Senior Staff Reporter

The Red and White staff took a moment to interview senior Colson Michael to learn more about his decision to enroll in the CPI program. 

Why did you choose to do CPI?

I chose CPI because it opens a lot of job opportunities right out of high school and having welding experience is good to have to get a job.

What interests you about welding?

Being able to travel for work, building stuff with your hands, and the money.

What are your post school plans?

To attend Penn College for welding.

How do you think CPI is helping you prepare for your future plans?

It’s giving me the chance to learn how to weld before going to college and giving me experience to get a job.

Favorite part about welding?

My favorite part is seeing the finished product.


Students at Bellefonte High should talk to their guidance counselor if they’re interested in joining the CPI program during their high school career.