Chick-Fil-A returns to State College

Isaac Gall, Staff Reporter

Due to a number of traffic issues, including some minor crashes, the local  Chick-fil-A in State College on North Atherton Street recently experienced some construction.

The traffic issues were primarily caused by the volume of people waiting to get into the Chick-fil-A parking lot. The line for the drive-thru was so long that it went all the way into the turning lane. Cars sitting there waiting to turn and this can be a serious issue because one it can cause huge traffic jams and two if you have someone texting and driving or not paying attention a car crash that can easily be avoided could happen being possibly fatal. Cops even had to  get involved because of the issues this demand for Chick-fil-A was causing.

There are mixed opinions in the community on whether or not the construction of Chick-fil-A was worth it or not. Some people think that it was worth it, however, actually it may take some time to see how the traffic issues play out before it can be determined for sure. 

 “I do think it was worth it. I think they need to get a new routine and more time before judging how this is working out.They have only been packed recently because of the flood of people coming in because Chick-fil-A just reopened,” freshman John Servant said.

Other people think that this was not worth the months of construction just because of how bad the traffic is even though the place just reopened. 

“I do not think it was worth it because when I attended the fast food restaurant they had the drive-thru closed from anymore cars entering after a certain number was already in the drive-thru. When I eventually got to get in line for the drive-thru, it took me almost a half an hour of waiting just because of how long the line was,” freshman Oliver Thornburg said.

Even after all of the chaos that has been going on with the construction and the nuisance  traffic, the local Chick-fil-A has still been able to stand up to its high reputation from the staff’s great customer management.

“The staff was very nice. There were a lot of people but they maintained the Chick-fil-A hospitality,” junior Trevor Johnson said.

The food at our local Chick-fil-A is still living up to the hype, according to Oliver.  

“My go-to meal is a twelve count of chicken nuggets with mac and cheese and a Sunjoy, and trust me when I say this meal never gets old,” Oliver said.

It looks like Chick-fil-A is just as pleasing to its customers as it was before it shut down, but the question on whether or not the restaurant’s recent reconstruction was really worth it is still up in the air.