Bees Knees coffee shop is a buzzing success

Avah Colm, Staff Reporter

There’s nothing quite like making a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, but imagine if you could save the trouble and wake up to a warm cup on your front porch. 

Bees Knees Coffee, owned and operated by BAHS graduate Bromlyn Fitzgerald, is the first mobile coffee shop and delivery service in Central PA,. 

This local and mobile coffee bar has won over the hearts of many Bellefonte residents, including some of Bellefonte High’s very own teachers. Reading Specialist Mrs. Sarah Rodgers has several favorite beverages. 

My go-to beverage is a lavender, rose, and honey latte. I enjoy it iced and hot; it just depends on the weather. Bee’s Knees also has amazing lemonade. I typically get either strawberry or flower-power lemonade,” Mrs. Rodgers said.

The shop surpassed the expectations of many after expanding their menu to accommodate customers with health complications by incorporating substitute ingredients to their menu. 

“My favorite beverage is an iced latte with sugar free caramel. I am diabetic and I really appreciate that Bees Knees has several sugar free options,” Instructional Coach Mrs. Jackie Wynkoop said. 

On top of their inclusive options, the staff enhance the experience for all customers. 

“I really like that everyone is so friendly. This past summer I rolled up after closing, but didn’t realize it at the time. One of the staff members said she was still more than happy to take my order,” Mrs. Wynkoop said. 

Being a Bellefonte High alumni has allowed owner Bromlyn Fitzgerald to grow more within the community she has come to know over the years. 

If you’re interested in becoming a local business supporter, check out their hours by visiting their website at They offer hours of service everyday from 7:30-12:30 in Pleasant Gap!