Archery season begins for BHS students


Submitted photo

Bellefonte students attended the Pennsylvania Bowhunters Festival September 17. (Left to right) Seniors Wesley Badger, Freddie Grove, Logan Williams, Wyatt Lowry, Tyler Rice, junior Mason Rider.

Logan Williams, Staff Reporter

As the leaves begin to change colors and the temperature drops, many people admire this natural beauty from behind a window. For those who enjoy the sport of bow hunting, this time of year is very exciting and they can not spend enough time immersed in nature.

September 17 marked the official first day of archery season in Pennsylvania. Over 350, 000 hunters bought an archery license prior to that date hoping for an opportunity to harvest a whitetail deer. Whether a hunter uses a new crossbow, a compound, or a classic recurve, this extremely challenging sport has something to offer for everyone. 

Senior Freddie Grove is very passionate about archery hunting, and he enjoys hunting with his crossbow in his free time. He is looking to finally get his first kill this season. 

“I actually haven’t had any luck with my bow yet, but this year it’s looking like I will. I have seen a lot just driving by so hopefully when I go out it’ll go well,” Freddie said.

Despite the fact that the point of killing a deer is to harvest the meat and possibly antlers, many hunters have found a deeper meaning in hunting. Senior Wesley Badger is an experienced compound bow hunter, and he is just happy to be spending time in the woods with the people he loves. 

“I find it peaceful and relaxing. I look forward to being in the beautiful woods and enjoying the outdoors. Being alone and at camp with friends and family who love hunting is the best feeling in the world,” Wesley said. 

Archery hunting of any kind is very difficult compared to hunting with a firearm, and it is not for everyone. Many people do not realize that even killing a doe with a bow is something that most people could not do. However, the hard work and struggle that goes into killing a nice buck makes it feel even more rewarding. If you are successful, you will remember that moment for the rest of your life. 

“The biggest kill I’ve ever had was an 8-point that scored 135,” Wesley said. 

While archery hunting is not easy, it will give you a rare appreciation for nature that most people will never have. The silence of the woods can be extremely refreshing, and it is a great temporary escape from the world. The memories made while archery hunting, whether you kill a monster or get skunked, will last forever.