Farewell to Halloween, hello to haunts

Hannah Deitrich, Staff Reporter

With the Halloween season coming to an end, many people are in search of more fun fall festivities to do. With many people participating in different activities like going to haunted houses, watching scary movies, and decorating their homes, it’s clear that this season is one of the most anticipated parts of the year. However, people fail to realize that just because the Halloween season is over, that doesn’t mean that the scares and creepy vibes have to end as well. 

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, going to a “real” haunted house can always be a thrilling time. With many locations being decorated with furniture that comes from different time periods, it almost transports the guest back to that era. 

One location that you could easily visit in Pennsylvania is the famous town of Gettysburg. With one of the most important battles of the Civil War, the Battle of Gettysburg, occurring in this spot, many believe that the area is haunted. One of the most famous places that is said to have paranormal activity is the Jennie Wade House. 

During the battle, a soldier’s bullet went astray and went through two doors, hitting Jennie Wade in the shoulder with the bullet eventually going into her heart. People say that if you go to the house, you can still see the spot where Jennie fell down after getting shot, forever stained. They also report that if you are lucky, you can see Jennie walking around the house and can even catch electronic voice phenomenons (EVP) throughout the house. 

Another place in Pennsylvania that you could try to explore is the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. Having been the holding grounds for many different criminals across a span of 142 years, there’s no surprise that this place is allegedly haunted. With 142 years of different tragedies occurring in the halls, many people claim to hear disembodied voices in cellblock 12. It is also reported that if you go to cellblock 6, you may see shadow figures moving against the walls. 

If you are able to get outside of the state and you want to explore some haunted locations, some interesting places include the Lizzie Borden house in Massachusetts and the RMS Queen Mary in California. 

The Lizzie Borden house is infamously known for the grizzly deaths of Abby and Andrew Borden; supposedly by Andrew Borden’s daughter, Lizzie. Many guests who stay at the Lizzie Borden house report that doors will open and close by themselves and also see different apparitions around the house, including their maid – Bridget (referred to as ‘Maggie’). If you go, be sure to bring EVP devices as well as a spirit box to speak to these spirits and try to figure out what truly happened. 

If you chose to go to the RMS Queen Mary, you should know that this is a place where people believe that evil dwells. The most famous room on the ship is room B340 and is actually a combination of old rooms B222 and B224 or B226. This room is where many people believe that the ‘evil’ presence resides. However, not every spirit on the ship is bad. The spirit of Jackie, a six-year-old girl who drowned in one of the ship’s indoor pools is said to roam around the pool room where she died. 

Other ways that you can still feel in the Halloween mood is by watching scary movies. As of recent, many horror films have been released, like Halloween Ends, Scream (2022), and Don’t Worry Darling. These are all great examples of movies that you can watch to keep the feeling of Halloween alive. 

So, whether it’s a scary movie or a real haunted house, you will always have something to scare your socks off. Enjoy your frights.