A student admired by many

Hope Martin , Editor in Chief

At Bellefonte Area High School, there are many bright and talented seniors. One of these individuals is senior Abigail (Abby) Weiser, a person who is admired by many people.

Abby is involved in many different activities and clubs, including B’ the Change, Key Club, French Honors Society (FHS), and Drama Club. While Abby is very involved in all of these clubs, she is especially involved in the Drama Club.

“I am the president of the Drama Club this year, which I am very excited about. I am the stage manager for the upcoming fall show, Radium Girls, and later for the spring show as well. I also run the drama Instagram, post things on Facebook, and run most of the tech things backstage as well as online,” Abby said. 

Not only is she part of several clubs, but she also participates in other extracurricular activities within the school district.

I am a part of the Color Guard. I joined in my junior year and have been in it since. I participate in the fall season for football games and marching in general things like the parade and such. Then I participate in Indoor Guard in the spring,” Abby said.

Even though Abby is part of all of these extracurriculars, she still finds time to do the other things that she enjoys. 

“Outside of school, I participate in Girl Scouts and am currently working on my Gold Award. That’s one of my current projects and interests outside of school. I participate in showing chickens as well for 4-H,  and showing my animals is something I look forward to every year,” Abby said. 

Like any senior, Abby has things she will miss after she graduates from BAHS . 

“One of the top things I am going to miss the most is the Drama Club. I hope to be able to come back and watch the shows. Another thing I will miss would be my Color Guard team, and my coach, Kristie Tyson,” Abby said. 

Abby has a busy schedule, but still makes time to build close relationships with the people around her. One of these people is senior Hannah Deitrich, who has a close friendship with Abby.

“One of my clearest memories with Abby has to be during the fall play, A Murder is Announced, last year. We went down to Rite Aid before rehearsal and bought these little baby bottles that were a dollar each. After we bought them, we took them back to the theater and decided on our colors, and then poured a can of monster each,” Hannah said. 

Abby always does her best to support the cast and crew around her. Choir teacher and Drama Club advisor Mr. Eric Brinser agrees.

“She also has a great ability to connect with her fellow crew and cast members.  She has earned their respect by being good at her job and also realizing they are people who sometimes need comfort in stressful situations and sometimes need stern warnings to stay on task,” Mr. Brinser said.

Abby puts effort into all of the things that she does. That motivation is recognized by her friends. 

“I think that one of Abby’s strengths is that she never gives up no matter what. she constantly tries to put herself out there and take on new challenges,” Hannah said.

Overall, Abby has shown her dedication to the things that she cares about and continues to excel at them. Whether they are activities inside of or outside of school, friendships, or schoolwork she always tries her hardest to do her best.