Drake– “Her Loss” is our gain

Isaac Gall, Photographer

On the night of November 4, the legendary R&B and rap artist Drake dropped his new album, Her Loss. It’s labeled as a dance album on streaming platforms and Drake was clearly inspired by various forms of house and club music such as Chicago house, Jersey club, and Detroit club.

The song “Circo Loco” is the number one and top-rated song by many critics in the new album. This song includes demeaning lines referencing Megan Theestallion, which ended up causing a big Twitter war between these two famous music artists. There are many fans that enjoy this song as well.

“The song was great. I really enjoyed the beat along with Drake being the main voice in the song,” freshman John Servant said. 

Many fans, including BAHS students, were very excited for this new album drop,  especially since his last album was not his best having only one notable song. 

“The new album is heat and the beat/flow of the songs makes the album that much better. I also specifically enjoyed the song ‘Rich Flex’ just because of the lyrics along with the good transitions in between lines that made the song very easy to listen to,” sophomore Shayne Snook said.

One unique fact about this new album is that out of all the songs there is only one with a featured rapper – Travis Scott. Travis’ debut was brief, but a good voice to really bring the song together. Some might argue that because of Travis’ appearance, this song has become one of the better ones in the Her Loss album.

“I enjoyed this song but in my opinion this song was a little bit overrated, Travis did make this song better though and I really think he’s the reason that this song has so much hype,”  junior Caleb Heckathorne said. 

Even though Drake was the main artist in this new album, he did share the new album with 21 Savage, another  great artist that has a similar style to Drake’s R&B and rap songs. His appearance in some of these songs was great and his voice really helped bring this album to life and form it into the set of songs that is so highly talked about right now. 

“He had highs and lows throughout, but I think without him the album would be missing something. Even though he had some not so good songs, I’m glad he made an appearance in the album,” freshman Maddy Lucas said. 

Many people agree that this new album might not be the best one that Drake has dropped, but at the same time it is still really good.