Academic Decathlon takes on first scrimmage of the year

Ruby Bjalme, Staff Reporter

Essays, tests, games, you name it— the Academic Decathlon team does it all. While coming off an exciting trip to states last year, and the start to their new season began on the morning of Thursday, November 10 at Moshannon Valley High School. 

The overall theme of the season is The American Revolution and students were tested by writing an essay as well as answering multiple choice tests about  literature, art, and social science. 

Junior Morgan Besecker gives her opinion on her favorite event.

“My favorite event was probably the essay portion. Even if you’re not confident on the prompt, you are still graded on your writing abilities,” Morgan said. 

Junior Carter Boone was the overall winner, with a perfect score in the essay portion. Bellefonte had other successes, leaving many with medals. Junior Collin Sharp shares his favorite moment from the day.

“My favorite part was when they gave out awards, mostly because I won medals,” Collin said.

Not only did the team medal, but also took home some first place awards. Senior Noah Aberegg placed first in the scholastic ranking overall, and Carter Boone won in the honors ranking. Collin Sharp and Hayden Friel tied for first place in the Varsity rank. English teacher Ms. Kat Momenzadeh, the club coach, discusses her excitement about the day.

“I’m really positive about our first scrimmage– the first one we’re just feeling out where our players are and who will be the school to beat for the year. We ranked first in the Scholastic division and 5th overall in the central region,” Ms. Momenzadeh said.

With a successful start to the season, many decathletes are excited about the rest of the season. With the club still looking for a full roster, junior Hayden Friel shares why he thinks people should join the team. 

“I would recommend everyone join this club to at least try something new…it’s very fun,” Hayden said.

The Academic Decathlon team is hopeful this season and this scrimmage was just the start. Their next match is January 10, when they will be tested on math, music, economics, and science. Good luck to the team for the rest of their season.