BHS Drama presents: a case that made history

Lilly Guenther, Copy Editor

This fall, the Bellefonte High School Drama Club took on the historical and biographical production of “Radium Girls,” presenting it to the community on November 17-19. 

In the early 20th century, radium was a revolutionary invention, used in watches so that they would glow, enabling soldiers to tell the time in the dark. Workers at these factories, often teenage girls, painted radium onto the watches. As the industry grew, workers began to fall ill, and it was discovered that the radium was the cause, and it had been poisoning them over time. 

“Radium Girls” follows the story of Grace Fryer and Kathryn Schaub, two of these such workers, as they attempt to sue the company that has harmed them. 

Senior Abigail Weiser has been involved in Drama since she was in sixth grade, and this year has taken on the role of Stage Manager. She remarks on the historical significance of this topic. 

It was interesting to take a dip into history and learn more about the characters and this general historical event as well,” she said. 

 Abby also mentioned the hard work that goes into preparing for a production. As stage manager, she attended all rehearsals, promoted the show on social media, and worked with cast stage crew in a variety of ways. 

Abby recognized the importance of a less obvious, but necessary, aspect of production. 

This production was extremely tech-heavy. Even though it might not have looked like it from the audience point of view, behind the scenes the crew was working hard, from glow makeup to colored lights, to just moving general set,” she said. 

Junior Kate Harman portrayed Grace Fryer, the main girl involved in the court case. This is her second year of involvement in Drama at BHS, and she has also been involved in productions from several other groups since she was in fifth grade. As this is her sixth production overall, she has developed methods for preparing for a show. 

“I spent a lot of time going over lines with notecards and others in the cast,” she said. 

Senior Noah Aberegg is in his seventh year being involved with Drama. He played the watch company’s president, Mr. Arthur Roeder, and noted that the cast and crew were able to work and overcome obstacles to the performance. 

“Despite having a gas leak and a snow day, we were able to prepare well for the show and have a great performance on all three nights,” he said. 

From cast to crew, all seem to agree on one thing: one of the best aspects of BAHS Drama is its ability to bring people together to create something. Noah and Kate, although opponents in “Radium Girls,” each note this. 

“My favorite part about Drama is being able to spend time with all the people in the cast. I’ve made so many amazing friendships throughout both of my high school productions,” Kate said. 

Noah agreed, remarking on the family that is created through a production. 

“My favorite part, just like with any Drama production, is the family. Even though we are all so different, we come together and form one big Drama Club family,” he said.  

To experience BHS Drama, look forward to its musical production in the spring.