Teacher of the month: Mr. Miller

Isaac Gall, Photographer

Whether Mr. Allan Miller is in the classroom teaching health, or in the gymnasium teaching physical education, he has been an outstanding influence on others in his short time at BHS. He is a positive guy, along with being very easy to talk to, so for these reasons, Mr. Miller has been chosen as the Red and White’s Teacher of the Month for December.

This is not Mr. Miller’s first time in the classroom. After graduating from Lock Haven University, he moved into the teaching atmosphere, teaching at Hope Charter High School in inner-city Philadelphia. After this, he moved back to his hometown of Bellefonte, where he was born and raised, and taught at BMS. 

Even though he loved moving back to his hometown to teach, he had to step away from this profession for a little while, and he went to work with his father-in-law in a successful family business. After three years of working there, he realized how much he missed teaching.

Mr. Miller eventually made the choice to get back into the classroom, so he took a job with Central Mountain for two years as a classroom facilitator in a customized learning center. Even though he was back to doing what he loved, he missed living in his hometown.  Luckily for him, a job here at BHS opened up, so he moved back, and now he is a wonderful addition to our teaching staff.

Even though Mr. Miller has a full-time job with a wife and kids, he still finds time to do other things that he enjoys. Being a big family person, he really enjoys whatever his kids are into, whether that is throwing a football, shooting hoops, or watching a dance recital. 

Mr. Miller also loves music and actually used to write and produce his own songs before he took on teaching. Even though he does not make music anymore, he still loves listening to hip-hop. He is also a man of scripture, along with enjoying reading his Bible every day he is an active member of his church.

Mr. Miller’s favorite part about teaching back in his hometown as of right now is teaching gym class because, “It makes me feel like a little kid again.”

This is not the only thing he likes about his new job here at BHS.  He really enjoys working with his colleagues and thinks Mr. Diehl, Mrs. Kramkowski, Mrs. Hamilton, and himself (the four PE/health teachers) make a really good team.

His colleagues are not the only people that enjoy his company; man students do as well.

“Mr. Miller has been a great addition to the high school. He’s really funny and gets involved in the games that we are playing,” senior Shawn Clampet said.

Sophomore Nathan Anderson agrees.

 “I think Mr. Miller is a great teacher along with being an overall great guy and I think after everyone warms up to him and gets to know him he will be just as good, if not better than Mr. Amoriello,” Nate said.