The powerful appeal, and questionable quality, of Hallmark movies


Logan Williams, Staff Reporter

As the weather begins to get colder, many people prefer to take comfort in watching TV covered in blankets on their couch. The Hallmark channel is a very popular go-to this time of year, especially during the holiday season. Many individuals have mixed feelings about the movies, with some finding them cringy and repetitive, while others are hooked. 

As early as October 21, Hallmark began to air their holiday season themed movies. Their lineup consists of over 40 new movies that will premiere this year, with dozens of older productions scheduled alongside. Most of the movies follow a similar plot that involves romance, growing up in small towns, or renewing the main character’s holiday spirit. BAHS seniors Ava Bressler, Natalie Mattern, and Nate Fisher had strong opinions on Hallmark movies and why they are so appealing. 

Ava is very passionate about Hallmark movies, and looks forward to watching them every year. 

“After I watch the movies I feel very happy and in the Christmas spirit. I probably watch around 20 hours a year,” she said.

Many critique the movies for all being too similar, but Natalie disagrees. She thinks that they have enough similarities and differences to keep viewers interested, even if the endings are predictable.

“I love the family relationships as well as the romantic relationships in the movies. I wish some had different endings, though. They don’t ever seem too repetitive because the story line, location, and characters are different for each,” she said.

As addicting as Hallmark movies are to some, Nate does not understand the reason for all of the hype. 

“They are too repetitive and I’m not sure why people like watching them,” he said.

Whether someone is a Hallmark movie fan or not, it is impossible to deny the fact that they are a holiday season staple. Some can’t stand them, but others have an addiction to them that can only be fueled this time of year. Either way, it is almost certain that these movies will continue to attract people for years to come.