Katie Nugent is senior taking over Bellefonte with talent


Submitted photo

Senior Katie Nugent.

Avah Colm, Staff Reporter

 A quiet yet well known senior, Katie Nugent has made an impact on Bellefonte High over the years thanks to her kind and spunky personality. 

Aside from being the Vice President of her class, Katie has assumed several other roles in our school’s community and has proven her devotion to these activities. 

I am the president of the Orchestra Club and captain of the Color Guard in the Marching Band,” Katie said. 

She has impressed many with her extracurricular accomplishments over the course of her high school career, but her talents do not stop here. Aside from this, Katie is also an avid athlete. 

“I am also involved in golf, indoor dance team, and track and field,” she said. 

In addition to these activities, she is very involved with her studies. 

“Some of my favorite classes are AP Music Theory and Government,” she said.

Government teacher Mrs. Allyson Durney appreciates what Katie brings to the classroom through the sense of humor she carries with her daily. 

 “Katie brings a quiet humor and energy that can’t be replicated. When she speaks, she is respected by her peers and will often ask them engaging questions that make them think.  She is a leader in her own way and she makes some delicious Snoop Dogg recipes,” Mrs. Durney said.

Overall, Katie has proved to be a fun and influential student at Bellefonte High and has formed several relationships with her fellow students. Senior Kate Rarrick, one of Katie’s close friends, makes sure to notice the little things Katie does for her and others. 

“She is very kind and caring. She is constantly doing little things for people to make their day better (usually baking desserts),” Kate said. 

Katie has several close friendships in and out of school but one person who she values the most is her sister, BAHS Class of 2019 graduate, Liz Nugent. 

“Katie has an uncanny ability to make you a better person. Just being around her for a short period of time makes you realize how remarkable she is. She inspires me everyday and I hope to be more like her when I grow up,” Liz said. 

Like others, she appreciates Katie’s ability to always stay positive.

“She is very responsible, but never takes anything too seriously. It’s a good balance and it makes her a good friend and a good person to be around,” Kate added. 

Katie’s accomplishments do not go unnoticed both in school and at home especially by her sister and best friend, Liz. 

“I’m most proud of her making it to States last year for orchestra. She worked really hard, not just to get to States, but ever since she first picked up a viola,” Liz said. 

Playing the viola in orchestra has changed Katie’s life for the better. The future is looking bright for both her and her life after high school.

“After high school, I will be attending Penn State University to major in Music Education,” Katie said. 

In preparation for this, she has been taking classes geared towards music theory, and is involved in the marching band as captain of the color guard. 

“I can’t wait to see Kate’s impact on her world.  I want her to throw away any inhibitions and just go for it – I’m confident great things will come,” Mrs. Durney said.