SOS: Sza only slays

Ruby Bjalme, Staff Reporter

It had been 2,010 days since Sza’s last release, and fans had patiently awaited her next album’s drop. They were certainly not disappointed. Sza’s new album, SOS, rose to the top of the charts and satisfied fans who have waited those long days for its release. 

This new album differs from her past, as it focuses on her more mature relationships instead her younger love. Fans have related to this more mature version and how she is transparent with her fans on her experiences. Bellefonte junior Morgan Besecker gives her perspective on the difference between the albums. 

“I feel like this album is different from Ctrl because it was about relationships in high school and SOS is more about her success. This album makes me feel certain realizations about growing up and past life experiences, and also makes me cry sometimes,” Morgan said.

A few fan favorites of the album have been “Kill Bill,” “Nobody Gets Me,” and “Used.” These songs contain a more RnB style and feature artists like Phoebe Bridgers and Travis Scott. Bellefonte senior Emma Matsko shares her thoughts on the new album.

“I like how some songs are slower with a sad vibe while others are upbeat…I feel like this album has a deeper meaning than her other songs and a lot of them are relatable to people’s emotions, especially girls our age,” Emma said. 

Overall, this album has been impressive since its release. It has spent four weeks on the top of the charts, as well as breaking the record for the largest streaming week for an R&B album in the US. Fans have shared their love for the album and continue to show support for what is to come. Senior Elizabeth Lovrak shares her opinions on Sza and the new album.

“I love Sza and it makes me happy. I love it,” Lizzy said. 

In my opinion, this album is easy to relate to and has songs that all can enjoy. There are different levels of intensity and digestibility for those just getting into her music. Her lyrics reach to all who listen and I am excited to see what she comes out with in the future. I recommend this album to anyone and urge them to take a close look at what she has to say.