Reese Walters: What doesn’t he do?

Lilly Guenther, Copy Editor

If there is any Bellefonte High senior that can be said is involved in everything, it’s Reese Walters. Although he has no shortage of responsibilities, Reese is known for his passion and dedication towards everything he does. 

Throughout his time at BAHS, Reese has challenged himself with a rigorous course load. This year is no exception, with a schedule including three Advanced Placement (AP) classes – AP Calculus BC, AP Language and Composition, and AP Psychology; 2 music courses – Film Music 1 and Honors Band; and more – Art 2 and Advanced Desktop Publishing (yearbook). 

“I really like all my classes, but I really enjoy my Government class with Mrs. Durney. She always makes it super fun and entertaining. I also really enjoy Film Music and Band with Mr. Rebarchak. I want to go into music education and he’s a great role model for me,” Reese said. 

Government teacher Mrs. Allyson Durney remarks on Reese’s attributes as a student. 

Reese is so committed to so many things and does his best as much as possible. I really appreciate that he takes time to weigh issues and respond in an objective manner…I appreciate Reese and his ‘Old Man Energy’ that he adds to our class. We all benefit from the things that he has to say,” she said. 

Reese is also involved in so many extracurricular activities that it is hard to list them all. He is acting president of the Gender-Sexuality Alliance Club (GSA) and Key Club, as well as Treasurer of Ski Club and the LaBelle yearbook club, and a member of National Honor Society (NHS). For the last two years he has been a school board student representative.

Junior Cedric Bagwell works alongside Reese as school board representative.

“I admire Reese’s ability to empathize with others and work hard when he commits to something, both of which make him a good friend,” Cedric said. 

Mrs. Durney notices this characteristic as well. 

Reese is a great friend and will help anyone in need.  He gives of himself tirelessly and does his best to have a smile on his face,” she said. 

Senior Madigan Ashe has been friends with Reese for six years, and says that, even when the two are not close, she considers Reese to be a supportive friend. 

“He’s an even better friend because no matter how many months of little conversation we go through, we can always pick up where we left off and have a great time,” she said. 

In addition to his other extracurricular activities, Reese is heavily involved in the arts departments, as a member of Art Club, Concert Band, Marching Band, and Drama Club. 

Senior Abby Weiser says that she has been friends with Reese since first grade. They are currently involved in Marching Band and Drama Club together. One thing she admires about him is his artistic ability. 

“Reese is a fantastic artist. I myself can barely do art and looking at some of the things he makes is truly incredible,” she said. 

Of all these things, it may be difficult to tell what Reese is most passionate about. But, from class involvement to extracurricular choices, all have one thing in common – they involve not only learning for himself, but also teaching himself and others.

“I’m passionate about teaching everyone that they can do anything,” Reese said. 

He describes two instances of this. 

“I think that [teaching] is really important in music, because anyone can make a group of sounds, and that’s all you really need. I also teach people to ski at Tussey Mountain. I like teaching adults because they tend to be more hesitant about skiing, and it’s fun to see them learn and believe in themselves,” he said. 

After high school, Reese plans to attend college to pursue a degree in music education, and to later use this to teach high school music. 

Reese’s teachers and friends are all confident that, no matter what he chooses to do, Reese will be successful in the future. 

“Reese is going to do big things. Knowing him for so long, I’ve seen him go out of his comfort zone multiple times, and I know he has so many plans outside of high school. I’m excited to see him take on these big goals and ultimately see him succeed,” Abby said. 

Although Mrs. Durney has not known Reese for as long as Abby, she too has high expectations for his future. 

There is so much of the world waiting for Reese and I really look forward to seeing what direction he chooses to go. I think he has so many positive qualities and can do anything that his mind wants to do,” she said.