Bellefonte’s masterful maestro: Mr. Rebarchak

Emma Homan, Feature News Director

In the Fine Arts Department of BAHS, one can hear a variety of sounds coming from the band room. A concert band, symphony orchestra, or even blaring film tunes can all be found in the classroom of one: Mr. Caleb Rebarchak. With five years of teaching at Bellefonte under his belt and two exclusive electives crafted and taught only by him, Mr. Rebarchak brings some amazing knowledge to the halls of Bellefonte High.

Nearly all of the musical Fine Arts classes are run by Mr. Rebarchak, including two classes he created himself, Film Music and Film Music 2. There’s a special place for those classes in his heart.

“I love films and film scores, and getting to share that with students – and showing them that it’s perfectly okay to “geek out” on something you enjoy – is an absolute blast,” he said.

Alongside classes of his own creation, he also teaches AP Music theory, Class Piano, Rock Studio, and Introduction to Music Technology. In each of these classes, he teaches students a variety of ways to consume and analyze, perform, and even make their own music.

Mr. Rebarchak brings his passion to all of the classes he teaches, and as the director of the Concert and Honors bands, he is in charge of over 50 student musicians to perform massive combined pieces of music, from film scores to historical classics. Mr. Rebarchak tries to reach a moment with his classes where they each find a “significant musical experience,” all performing as one.

“Sometimes it manifests as chills, or goosebumps, but ultimately it’s where we have a very significant shared moment in the ensemble, making music together and experiencing a fascinating connection as a group. You can’t plan for that moment, but when it happens, you know it – maybe it’s during a rehearsal, maybe it’s at a concert; it’s an ephemeral thing that is so wonderful to share together,” he said.

Mr. Rebarchak leaves a lasting impression on each and every one of his students, from his excitable and passionate attitude about the classes he teaches to the incredibly helpful advice he gives to his advanced students. He always wants each and every one of his students to thrive.

“Through his impact, I’ve learned that gaining better musicianship doesn’t always have to mean you need a fancy degree…the band room is not only a fun and noisy place to learn, but it’s also a safe space, and I believe Mr. Rebarchak has a big play in that,” senior Madigan Ashe said.

There’s one final piece of advice that Mr. Rebarchak treasures, and that’s to stay well-rounded.

“Keep doing the things that you enjoy, that bring you life, even after you’ve found ‘the thing’ that you might want to make into a career…Don’t get so comfortable that you’re afraid of going on an adventure.”