The face of Bellefonte athletics

Jamal Saunders, Staff Reporter

If you live in the Bellefonte area, you know of or follow at least one Bellefonte sport.  However, many people may not realize the driving force behind these athletics. Meet Deb Moore, the Athletic Director for the Bellefonte Area School District.

Besides seeing Ms. Moore at the sporting events, many do not know about the time and effort she puts into making sure all athletics run smoothly and everything goes according to plan.  She oversees almost every aspect of the athletic programs. Some, but not all of the things Ms. Moore does include the scheduling of officials, events, buses, facilities, event staff, and practices; the supervising of events, coaches, event workers, athletic trainers, and program volunteers; the filing of proper paperwork and clearances; and much more.

Ms. Moore has been involved in our school district and as apart of the Bellefonte community much longer than she has been Athletic Director.  She worked as the program director of the YMCA program at Bellefonte before coming to work in our sports programs.

“I have always loved playing sports and outside recreation. I always thought along these lines – meeting everyday challenges and problem solving and being part of a team,” she said.

Being the Athletic Director of a school district is not an easy job.  It can be very stressful, along with being chaotic, with having to deal with everything going on within the sports programs.

“Every day is different. It can be calm and then all of a sudden things can change and your scrambling to find an official, a bus, etc. You are constantly changing course only to go back and try to finish what you were working on,” Ms. Moore said.

Although she is very busy, Ms. Moore spends time talking to many of her colleagues and the athletes that she interacts with.  Many of the athletes and her fellow colleagues, such as the trainers at Bellefonte, enjoy being around her.

It is not only the athletes and staff that enjoy talking to Ms. Moore, but she likes interacting with the staff and athletes as well. An athletic director is a hard and strenuous job, but she tries her best to make her athletes know she cares about them, along with making sure they know she is somebody they can talk to.

“My favorite highlight of working here has been working with the student-athletes and my colleagues throughout the years,” Ms. Moore said. 

Senior Avah Colm has been on the swim team since freshman year and has had many conversations with Ms. Moore throughout the years. 

“Ms. Moore has a good sense of humor and is laidback so students feel like they can reach out to her and are supported by her,” Avah said. 

Senior athlete Madison Melius has grown to know Ms. Moore over the years because of her time playing volleyball and softball. 

“Deb is an amazing athletic director for Bellefonte sports. She works very hard to please everyone and is always a source to talk to when you’ve had a long day.”