FBLA shows Regional Leadership Conference who’s boss

Lilly Guenther, Copy Editor

Throughout the past few months, members of Bellefonte High’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) have been learning about a variety of categories relating to leadership and business. These students then competed to show their knowledge of these categories. 

On January 9, members of the club had the opportunity to attend the Regional Leadership Conference (RLC) at Mount Union Area High School. There, students who were participating in in-person competitions did so, and the winners of online video submissions and objective tests were released. 

For BAHS sophomore Amelia Harrington, this is her first year in FBLA.  She has enjoyed her experience with the club so far. 

“I knew many people who were in FBLA last year and they said it is a lot of fun. FBLA is an incredible opportunity to get to know new people and also get to know who you are,” she said. 

Amelia participated in the public speaking competition for RLC, and got third place. She also ran for the position of Regional Secretary and won. 

“Competing has definitely helped my public speech and helped me learn what I love to do,” she said. 

Mrs. Rebecca Leitzell has been the advisor of FBLA at BAHS for six years. This year, she is also co-advisor for the region, and a member of the Pennsylvania FBLA Board of Directors. She believes that RLC was an overall success. 

“We had 38 students that qualified to attend States in April. It is going to be awesome,” she said. 

Business teacher Mr. Ryan Myers has been assisting with the club for four years now.

“Mrs. Leitzell has dubbed me the ‘fun uncle’ of FBLA which is a fantastic role. Basically, I have no responsibilities for the club and just get to help out with events, recruit students and have fun helping the members with their goals,” he said. 

 He enjoyed returning to the event for the first time since 2019. His favorite part of the conference was seeing the winners be announced. 

“I love seeing the passion of the students and how nervous they are to hear the results…if they win or qualify for states, their joy and excitement is infectious and such a great reward for all of their hard work,” he said. 

Amelia attests that the fun of FBLA is not only in winning, but also the experience itself. 

“My favorite aspect of the conference was the environment. People are talking to new people, people are working on what they have to present. It’s just a fantastic environment,” she said. 

As the group looks forward to the state conference in April, the students are expected to continue to succeed.