Bocce ball team is rolling into the season

Davis Corman, Editor-in-Chief

As Bellefonte’s Unified Bocce Ball team enters into the second half of their season, there is much to celebrate and even more on the horizon. 

“I am very happy with how the season has gone so far and I cannot wait for the following month as we prepare for Districts,” senior Madison Melius said. 

Bellefonte’s Unified Bocce Ball team is a sport where Life Skills students partner with their high school peers to compete against other schools in the area. Fierce competition, coupled with laughter and excitement make up the experiences of the team’s members. 

Life Skills Support Teacher and Coach Mrs. Lisa Reitz notices that all students involved enjoy playing the sport. 

“The students absolutely love Bocce Ball. It gives them an opportunity to participate in an activity with peers who they normally wouldn’t get a chance to interact with,” Mrs. Reitz said.

On January 11 , the team had its first match against Bald Eagle – their hometown rivals. Although they did not win that day, it was a great kickoff to their season. 

“While we didn’t win overall, the team did well and had a blast and tried their best, which is the most important thing,” Mrs. Reitz said.

Following the first match, the team has participated in three other events, including away matches at Clearfield and Bald Eagle. Although they have yet to win their first match, the team has picked up impressive set victories. 

“I specifically remember our first match against Bald Eagle when my team won the first set. I was really happy to see the team’s effort pay off,” junior Grace Orr said. 

Although winning is fun for many of the participants, it is the experiences these students have at the events that make the sport memorable. 

“I really like meeting new friends and getting to know them while getting others to join,” junior Amber Keith said. 

Outside of the Life Skills students, Unified Bocce Ball offers amazing opportunities for other students in high school to get involved. Through these students’ efforts, they are able to build priceless relationships with team members, creating lifelong experiences.

“I’m thankful for the friendships I’ve made. Bocce ball has given me an opportunity to spend more time with the Life Skills students,” senior aid Lauren Benner said.

As the team enters the second half of their season, they hope to continue their success. We encourage all community members to attend these competitions, which are open to the public. However, their main goal remains building upon the relationships that they have formed.

“I really like getting to know new people,” senior Natalie Sim said.